6 Steps on How to Become A successful Blogger

Blogging might seems like childhood puzzle like Hide & Seek Game, it is very easy to create new blog and just started Blogging, easy as that, But to become successful in it, seems like wild goose chase, it is similar in all professions and I think the competition is little higher in blogging since many bloggers blog on same niche where they see money, in other to become successful in Blogging, some sacrifices need to be made, and some steps need to be taken, below are list of steps to become a successful blogger.

Writing Skills

This is not something so easy to do, only talented, determined and minded people can improve their writing skills everyday as blogger, Creating  Contents that make you a chief in front of Alexa might look like rubbish talk in view of your readers, You may have a very good topic to write about, incredible idea but if your Writing Skill is worthless, your readers will flew and will never come back, Professional and successful bloggers improve their Writing skill daily, To be a Successful Blogger you must be a confusing Writer.

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Hard work

“The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.” ― Thomas A. Edison. 
hardwork: steps on how to become a successfull blogger

For you to be successful in Blogging believe me there are lots of hard-work involved, starting from building audience, get traffic, designing your blog, Trust me, there are lots of hard-work and sleepless nights involved, If you've just started it may seems like easy job but with time, you'll find it challenging, but if you love what you are doing, its all fun.


“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.” 
Patience is one of the steps to become a successfull blogger: Kulhead blog

To Newbies in your way to become successful in blogging, you must be patience, Jerusalem was not built in a day, I know you notice some bloggers with more than 30 comments and 7000 page-views on a single post, some may even tell you they made more than 500 $ monthly, your time too will surely come if you wait for it, don't rush and success will be yours.

Follow the Rules

The rules are what makes us better, in other to be successful in blogging you must keep to the rules of blogging, there are other rules not worth following though but general rules like: don't click on your ads, avoid plagiarism are all rules that cant be condoned, there are many consequences for breaking rules sometimes you may get rejected, get banned, ashamed of yourself, you lose your self pride.

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Being obsessed to one profession is the joy of all, you may wake up all night typing and editing post, respond to comments, reply to mails, and still enjoy it, if yo don't have passion of what you are doing, its better to quit and find something else, I love my Blog, Do you Love Yours??

Never Quit

"You can never quit! Winners Never quit and quitters never win"

never quits: steps on how to become a successful blogger
 I understand you're facing a tough road, hard moments, but still Never quit, Never Give up, Great time is ahead, Don't Strive in vain, be more patience and you shall reap the fruit of your hard labor. I will Blog till I Die! You?

 How To Know A Successful Blogger??

Sometimes Having a page rank 7 or higher doesn't qualify you  to be a successful blogger, not even your Alexa Rank, Or Is It The Number of Blogs you have, Definitely Not, Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank are all what I considered as just No and can be build by any other blogger, having many unnecessarily Blogs is what I considered as an act of Amateur, sorry you aren't But really, How many blog must you have to make you a successful Blogger, I know you are  curious you'll want to know those things that really make you a successful blogger? May be You know it already? Maybe you can  work towards it? Maybe you'll neglect it? or Maybe you're successful and professional Blogger but dont know these things that make you a sucessful Blogger, Watch out for it in one of my upcoming Posts.


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