Yahoo Login Problems Resolved

Lately some yahoo users are finding it difficult or impossible to log in to their Yahoo Mail Accounts, in the beginning the problems appears only to be an invalid password,  now creating of account also seems impossible, and recovering or resetting the password does not work either.

It has been  a while since yahoo started showing up mess on log in  the source of the problem is still unknown  to some people that include me, some days ago a friend of mine sent me an important messages to my yahoo, since then I've found it difficult to log in to my yahoo account, i got different error message when trying to log in to my yahoo account like  invalid password or ID while i know i definitely type the correct password and ID, so if you are also experiencing this kind of problems you dont need to change your password or go for password recovery, there is nothing wrong with your password but the problem is in Yahoo itself, all you have to do is to try and use these two methods below

I will be providing two option on how you can overcome these log in problems, all you have to do is to got used to one that worked for you, i know definitely one will surely work for you

If you have yahoo messenger installed, or click here to install, try logging in from your yahoo messenger, after you've successfully log in, take not of the notification that you have new messages in your inbox, quickly click on the link and you will be automatically log in to your yahoo account in new browser, this has worked every time for me, i hope it work for you too!!

if the above method did not work for you then try this:
click this link: click this link
scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on sign in, if you successfully log in, congratulation,
but if you are not, don't panic at the bottom of the sign in page, try sign in using your Facebook or Google by click on the Facebook or Google button
make sure you've already sign in to your Facebook or Google and follow the process as it leads you to log in to your yahoo successfully.

NOTICE: there is no solution to creation of account problem for now (if you have sol. try to comments).

THESE TWO HAS WORKED FOR ME SEVERAL TIMES AND I believe one of these methods will works for you too, if you got any question or still having problems log in, feel free to leave comments.

And if it works for you, SHARE TO YOUR FRIENDS and let them benefit from it also.......


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