Wondershare software, one-stop solution for Android Users

Are you planning to change to Android smartphones? Am not pointing my middle finger at you just because you get sick of the iOS restrictive principle but I'm more concern on how you will want to get yourself back on track with your new Android phone. Just because you eventually choose Android doesn't mean you don't want a lot of what you’re enjoying on iPhone or any other device you switched from! of course you will need to transfer your contacts, apps, text messages, call logs musics, video and pictures easily and conveniently from your iPhone to your new Android device, isn’t it? Then Wondershare Software is your one sto solution to all your important tasks. It is easy, convenient and all your task will be done with just a few clicks.

What is Wondershare Software Anyway?

Wonderhsare is a multipurpose software company, their software are useful for different platform and different usage, ranges from Mac, Windows and Macintosh and iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows for PC an mobile respectively, there are also many multimedia tools to convert videows to other formats with additional editing functions, PDF tools for quick and easy conversion from PDF format to other text format such as Excel, Word, HTML etc, data back and recovery for PC and Laptops, Mobile Application to help you sync and transfer files, folder, etc from one Operating System to other, such as Windows, Android, iOS, etc.

Am Using Android, How does Wondershare Software Work?

Wondershare Trans

So if you just swictched  to Android device , there is no way you wont need wondershare software, of course you will need to transfer contact, sms, etc to your new android phone, then wondershare mobile transfer can help you out with just a view clicks.

 then wondershare mobile transfer can help you out with just a view clicks.

Wondershare Mobile Trans lets you transfer files between iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones, you simply install the utility, then both phones must be connected at the same time, then the software and its nice, clean and easy User interface walk you through all the steps

Wondershare Dr Fone for Android

With Wondershare Dr Fone, there is nothing like data or files loss, you can use wondershare Dr fone to recover data that you may thought was lost and gone forever, Dr fone for Android can restoer text messages, photos & videows, audios and files.

All your data are recover with just easy 3 steps

  • Install the software
  • Connect your phone
  • Scan your device, and
  • Recover you data!

Wondershare Mobile Go for Android

This is the best Android manager you can use (trust me) :), as you keep enjoying your android devices, there will be more of important files, pictures with loved one at amazing places, important contacts, favourite apps and lots more, wouldn't it be great if you manage and backed up all these good stuffs in one place? this is just what wondershare Mobile Go was made for.. It lets you transfer content between iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones – in just one-click!

These apps are most have for all who switched from one Mobile OS to Android, however, there are more other cool wonder tools for Video and DVD such as:

Though most of these wonders apps comes with trial and registered versions,most trial versions have very few or no functional differences from the registered version. Wondershare provide trial versions with different restriction on different products, therefore, to know the limitation on your product, kindly check the FAQs on the product. 

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5 Best SEO Tips for Beginners | Blogger | Wordpress

When you've spent hours, weeks and perhaps months to develop your website, it is very frustrating that your page does not appear in search engines like Google. Today we are publishing an article that will focus on on site seo tips and how it can help you get a good position in Google and other search engines.

 it is very frustrating that your page does not appear in search engines like Google. Today we are publishing an article that will focus on on site seo tips and how it can help you get a good position in Google and other search engines.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a name of all the activities you are doing to gain visibility in search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. SEO can be anything from small changes to the website to complete reconstruction of websites and advanced link strategies. The goal is anyway the same rank better in Google / Yahoo / MSN etc. on given keywords.

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Is SEO unnecessary?

The techniques often mentioned in the context of search engine optimization is something that fundamentally should be done when creating the website and not afterwards. One can therefore say therefore that SEO really is not necessary if you already have previously made a good craftsmanship. Do you create a website that follows the W3C standards that are semantically structured you are already well on your way. Unfortunately, Dreamweaver, FrontPage and other easy solutions people lazy and crafts are not as good as they should be. It may be wise to go through the checkpoints that we in this and future articles will present.

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When you read this you should have one thing firmly in the consciousness, you should create pages for people and your users - NOT a search engine.

Some Great SEO Tips


Semantic HTML / XHTML

When Google and other search engines are looking to index the websites, they prefer that your website is semantically structured. In HTML standard also specifies a number of tags for predefined items such as headings, paragraphs, lists, and structured text.

Let's take a starting point in the tag HEADING. According W3, A heading element briefly DESCRIBES the topic of the section it introduces. Heading tag consists of h1h2h3; etc.where h1 represents the main heading, whereas H2 represents the heading etc.

HEADING tag should other words used in headlines to describe the contents of the section it introduces. Google and the other search engines follow the W3C's standard while indexing and will therefore easily identify the headlines when they are made ​​with a HEADING tag above example. a custom CSS tag.

To create semantic HTML is therefore concerned to use W3C's predefined tags for items such as headings, paragraphs, lists, and structured text. Doing so will help Google and the other search engines to better understand your content.

Create validated HTML / XHTML

World Wide Web Consortium, or W3C as the organization is often called, has created a standard for HTML / XHTML. When you create a website it is important that you stay within these standards. It is important due. Browser compatibility and it is important when talking about SEO. Google, Yahoo and the other search engines relate, not surprisingly, to HTML standards adopted by the W3C. A website that follows the standards (and in addition is made ​​up semantically as described in section 1) will most likely be better indexed by search engines. 

There are a number of tools to check if your page validates. It is very easy to recommend the W3C's own validation tool which is simply brilliant.

Create a robots.txt file

Robots Exclusion Standard or "robots.txt" is a term we often hear in the SEO context. Website Owners who want to prevent search engines from indexing selected pages may utilize a Robots Exclusion Standard File (popularly called robots.txt) to specify how content will be indexed by robot like Google, Yahoo etc.

A robots.txt file is thus a file you put on your Web server that tell the search engines how to index a page, or rather what not to index. There may be many examples of cases where you do not want search engines to index certain parts of your website. Is there such beneficial that Google indexes your RSS feed or is this just a "spider trap" - a case where search engine sent in an endless circle of your website?

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With a robots.txt file allows you to restrict the search engine indexes and thus did the indexing of your site more efficient. Do not let the search engine index your RSS feed, blog or calendar management section of your CMS - this does not help the visibility of your website.

Meta Tags

In the search engine infancy was called Meta tags or Meta tags as it is commonly called in Norwegian, it great. The search engines used Meta tags to obtain information on a website and it was mainly Meta tags "description" and "keywords" that were used. You could owner of the website enter keywords describing the page and write a small description about the content. Meta Tags quickly became abused and search engines have therefore recently not emphasized these meta tags to index. However, it is important that Meta tags actually stated and more than often it is actually your own meta-description as ports website description in Google.

It is important that each unique page on your site has a unique meta-description that explains what this page is about. In addition, it is also recommended that each page has Meta keywords, keywords that are available on that page. In addition to these two Meta tags there are a number of other Meta tags that may be useful to use:
  • noindex : prevents the page from being indexed
  • nofollow : prevents Googlebot from following links from this page
  • nosnippet : prevents a snippet of code from appearing in search results
  • NOODP : prevents the alternative description from the ODP / DMOZ to be used
  • noarchive : prevents the page from being cached
  • unavailable_after: [date] : Here you can set the date and time you want to stop crawling and indexing of this page
  • noimageindex : Here you can specify that you do not want the page to be displayed as a reference page for an image that appears in Google search results.
Google has made ​​a good overview of what Meta tags that Google interprets and examples of what they can do.

Do not do this.

We have been talking a lot about what to do, but to make your website easier to index Google is also about what NOT to do. Here are a few key points about what not to do on your website.

So here comes the end of the article on “SEO tips for Beginners”, I hope you would have find this article helpful.

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Microsoft has been given full updates & supports for Windows XP for the past 12 years now! And this is the time where Microsoft say enough is enough for the updates and supports, as on April 8, 2014 the company has decided to kill supports for Windows XP and Office 2003 and of course updates will no longer be available.

Microsoft has been given full updates & supports for Windows XP for the past 12 years now! And this is the time where Microsoft say enoug

What is Windows XP end of support?

For those who doesn’t know what “end of support” means, this simply means that any technical assistance for Windows XP will not be available anymore so also automatic updates that help protect your PC will come to halt and Microsoft will also stop providing Security Essentials for download on Windows XP.

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What will happened if I continue using Windows XP after support ends

If you continue using Windows XP after April 8, 2014 when the supports is known to end, your computer will still be working and Windows XP will still be running, but you're probably risking the following:

  • Your computer will become vulnerable to security risks and viruses.
  • You may find it difficult to find software or hardware that works with your dead Windows Operating System.
  • Greater numbers of recent apps and devices might not work on your Windows XP.

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How do you stay protected when/after support ends

If you’re a tech savvy its unlikely you are  running windows XP on your computer, but for your relatives, company, friends and family  that you served as their tech support here are better options you can do for them to stay protected after support ends.

Upgrade your PC

If you follow up what’s going on correctly, you will discovered that Microsoft really don’t want any users to use Windows XP anymore, so the better option here is to upgrade your computer. Windows 8.1 is currently the latest version of Windows Operating System but unfortunately older computers will not be able to run Windows 8.1, its  recommended to download and run the Windows Upgrade assistant to check if your PC meets the System requirement for Windows 8.1. but hey dude, before  you do that! I don’t think anyone will want you to upgrade their PC to Windows 8.1 now, if you’re in that position get Windows 7 instead!

Buy New PC

Honestly, those PC running on Windows XP are definitely older PCs such of which you can find in Cyber cafes and Computer centers and besides if your current PC can’t run Windows 8.1 or 7, this might be the time you will consider buying a new PC, Some new PC are pre-installed with either Windows 8 or 8.1 so that you wont find it difficult to upgrade and install apps.

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Unfortunately, this is a sad news for those using and enjoying Windows XP and many active users are worried about how they they can copy or transfer their files from their PC before upgrading or buying new PC. though there is no desktop client available for SkyDrive if you're thinking on using Microsoft Cloud Service
on Windows XP to sync your files but you can use Skydrive.com to upload your files and if you s are not used to cloud storage you can easily get an external hard drive or USB flash drive to copy your files.

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"This is a guest post by Grant Smith for Kulhead.com"

When mass producing any type of product, it is essential that your system is working perfectly in order to ensure that your production line is efficient and cost effective. If the speed of the conveyer belt does not suit the type of work taking place it can slow the process down. The most cost effective way to overcome this issue is by using a variable speed drive to control the speed and energy used to power your production line.

How incorporating a Variable Speed Drive into your Production Line can be efficient and Cost Effective.

Conservation and Increased Production

Originally variable speed drives were developed to aid production by making sure that the correct speed was used in each stage of the production process.  Variable speed drives have played an essential role in increasing efficiency at the same time as reducing the total amount of energy required to complete each section of the work.  This has been achieved by being able to set the speed at which conveyer belts and other machinery need to work independently of each other.  According to Affinity Laws - reducing output by fifty percent can result in a power consumption drop of 12.5% of full power.

Mechanical Variable Speed Drives

There are many different types of variable speed drives available to regulate the speed of different equipment.  In the case of a conveyer belt a mechanical variable speed drive would be used to power the pulleys.  The uses of conveyor belt systems are actually quite varied and occur in all areas of our lives such as; supermarkets, ski lifts, air ports and factories.  Each system requires its own individual speed setting and has to be extremely reliable so that the health and safety of its users are not compromised.

A Brief History

Conveyor belts have been used since the 19th century due to a series of inventions by Thomas Robins, who wanted to develop an effective way of transporting coal, ore and other heavy duty materials.  By 1901 the steel conveyor belt had been developed closely followed by Sutcliffe’s adaption in 1905 to carry coal from mines – revolutionising mining.  Another famous development of the use of conveyor belts in a production line was by Henry Ford in Michigan in 1913 where he produced his first cars in this way. 

Technical Development

The invention of the variable speed drive has ensured that using conveyor belts on production lines has changed with the times and although materials and technology may have changed the overall principal has remained the same.

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Infographic: Apple’s Design Perfectionism!

The Style and Design of Tech’s most distinguishable brand.

The Key Concepts:


Apple’s products excel because they’re intuitive. Users start using products feeling like they already understand how they work.
1.) One finger can open Apple laptops [1]
2.) UI’s are based on metaphors:[2]
Files “stack” like papers on a desk
3.) One phone, instead of many.
4.) Clear, Crisp Lines[6]


Humans are biologically programmed to respond positively to certain shapes, and designs.
Apple makes their designs human friendly.

1.) Correct Siri’s Pronunciation
2.) Block unwanted contacts. (tap the i symbol next to a contact)
3.) Macbook Screen = golden rectangle
4.) Imac shape= fibonnaci sequence [3]
5.) Patented “breathing” status lights blink in sync with our breaths, relaxing us.[4]


Artisans are accorded respect for their work.
1.Attention to detail:
Virtual reflections mirror the affects of sunlight.[7]
Internal fan slows when voice dictation begins, to better hear your voice. [8]
Hidden magnets allow webcams to be attached and level. [9]

And did we mention, these guys think of everything?
Built in bubble level.[10]

“Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.” –Steve Jobs
Apple Design
Source: TopWebDesignSchools.org

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Five Little-Known Steps to Refreshing Your Blog

Whether you’re an author that’s been suffering from writer’s block for an extended interval of time, or whether you’re just looking to totally overhaul your blog, it’s important to have a systematic method to refresh your blog.

Luckily for you, a significant amount of brainstorming went into this thorough list of methods that will help you refresh your blog effectively, instantly, and automatically. Consider these tips:

Luckily for you, a significant amount of brainstorming went into this thorough list of methods that will help you refresh your blog effectively, instantly, and automatically.
Consider these tips:

Step 1 – Ensure Current Blog Functionality

The first thing you need to do if you want to freshen your blog, is to check the current vitality of your blog. Do all of the links work? Does the “date posted” work? Are all the links alive? Do the banners load well? Are the comments currently functioning properly? Do you have any “spam” comments that need to be deleted? And most importantly, do you need to update WordPress (or any other CMS), your theme or any plugins?

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A fully updated and functional blog is THE FIRST STEP for a totally freshened blog. So make sure to start there.

Step 2 – Consider Premium Widgets or Themes

After your blog is fully updated and functional, you might consider “dazzling” it up with some premium widgets or themes. To be honest, there is such an amazing array of WordPress widgets that you can use that listing them here isn’t doing you any favors. The best thing you can do, is begin searching for “awesome premium plugins for WordPress” “the best premium WordPress themes” or “the hottest premium themes for WordPress”. These are just a few search strings that will absolutely help you brainstorm even further. And, you can probably come up with similar strings of your own.

Step 3 – Consider Implementing Free Gifts / Email Marketing

If you’re not giving away any free gifts on your blog and building an email marketing newsletter… THEN STOP EVERYTHING AND DO THAT NOW!  - If your content is any good, it’s guaranteed that your subscribers would absolutely LOVE a free gift from you. And they’ll happily

Step 4 – Reinvigorate Your Blog With Fresh Content

Have an honest look at your content. Better yet, have someone else look. Tell them to give you an honest opinion of what they think. If you already have an email newsletter? Email them and ask them to critique your work.

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Another thing to consider, is that critiquing your existing work is EASIER AND MORE EFFECTIVE if you haven’t read it in a while. Most authors find that it’s difficult to effectively critique their own work when they’re in the middle of creating it… So if you’ve been inactive or “away” for a while it might be easier to critique your existing content.

The purpose of this, is so that you can find out how you might change things. What do you write well? What kind of writing do you need to work on? What’s missing? Can you think of any controversial or other ‘hot’ topics in your industry that you haven’t touched upon yet?

Step 5 – Analyze What’s Working, and “Bump it Up”

There’s an old saying in business. It goes by “if it works – DO IT AGAIN”. That’s right. This is when you want to look at what’s working.

Which of your blog posts are getting the most visits
? The most clicks? The most comments? Once you analyze this data, it’s statistically easier to find out what makes your audience “pop”. Once you determine that… What do you do? – You “do it again” – you create more content of a similar style, and try to rekindle the type interest of your readers again and again.

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So ask yourself what do they respond well to? Examine your current statistics and find out for yourself. And then – Bump it up. Nonstop.

About Author

Jack Van Jaarsveld is an SEO expert and professional writer with sharp marketing skills. He is always looking for ways to contribute by helping others to succeed in the online world.

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Outdated Mobile Phones That Are Still Selling Like a Gangbuster

“You can't easily convince Mr. John not to buy the old iPhone 4s until you give him $700 to buy the new iPhone 5s” 

When new phones are rolled out, some folks are afraid of burning a hole in their pockets because the truth is that the price of the latest Smartphone’s is higher as their demand are bigger too. So they quietly hang-around and wait for those phones to become outdated, then they can easily buy the old or new phone (if preferred) from a reseller or at  a free Classifieds  ads site Like OLX Nigeria at much cheaper price than the new one. 

It really surprise me to see some old devices that are still selling even selling more than when they are new and hot, I don’t specify my list on a single manufacturer, of course the list was expanded to Blackberry, iPhone and Samsung. But where is Nokia? Well I dunno. 

I can't specifically give out reasons as why these devices are selling like a gangbuster even till their old age, I believe  this was due to performance, phone life and compatibility maybe even more. I'm sure you're in haste to know about these devices, ok now the list start.

“You can't easily convince Mr. John not to buy the iPhone 4s until you give him $700 to buy the new iPhone 5s”

iPhone 4s

If you're still having your old iPhone 4S for sale, there are chances you'll get a buyer sooner than later, there is a good resale value for this phone, that is "you won’t lose you sell and you wont cry you buy", there are many people who still cant wait to get a hold of this phone despite it has been succeeded by 3 different phones (iPhone 5, 5s and 5c), (maybe more). This old phone can still be purchased at negotiable price of 53k in any online store where they sell used phones. 

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Blackberry Bold 5 

For those that cherish the blackberry devices and can’t afford to purchase their new Smartphone, getting a good conditioned Bold 5 is probably the best option, despite this phone has also been succeeded by many latest devices, still the demand are getting higher in the market, don’t believe me? Couple of months back I found it hard to  change a friend’s mind in purchasing a aged devices and go for new one, but he later throw away all my advices and went on to acquire the Bold 5. 

Personally as much as I hated blackberry devices, I still give the Bold 5 a different viewpoint, considering the smart touch and the QWERTY, I think this is the reasons many still want to kill themselves in acquiring the device.

Samsung Galaxy SII 

Much focus was on Samsung to release their new phone since the release of Galaxy S4 in 2013, although the price of their latest S4 is dropping and many people are still buying, this is also the same for the old Galaxy S2, many individual neglected the same old Galaxy SIII and went ahead to purchase the older S2.

Blackberry Torch 2 

If you want to buy a cheap and affordable blackberry phone, don’t waste your time too much the blackberry torch 2 is there for you at negotiable price of 15k for used one, the range at which all and sundry are rushing to buy the phone is unbearable despite is of no use than to listen to music! Asked if I love the phone? Hell no!! 


Before I wrote this post I made research to make sure if these devices are really selling, and all the result I got on these devices really surprise me. You can also check on mobile store where they sell both used and new phones to know if these phones are really getting buyer. I will be glad to have your comment on this topic to show your contribution and why some of these devices are still selling.

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