Five Little-Known Steps to Refreshing Your Blog

Whether you’re an author that’s been suffering from writer’s block for an extended interval of time, or whether you’re just looking to totally overhaul your blog, it’s important to have a systematic method to refresh your blog.

Luckily for you, a significant amount of brainstorming went into this thorough list of methods that will help you refresh your blog effectively, instantly, and automatically. Consider these tips:

Luckily for you, a significant amount of brainstorming went into this thorough list of methods that will help you refresh your blog effectively, instantly, and automatically.
Consider these tips:

Step 1 – Ensure Current Blog Functionality

The first thing you need to do if you want to freshen your blog, is to check the current vitality of your blog. Do all of the links work? Does the “date posted” work? Are all the links alive? Do the banners load well? Are the comments currently functioning properly? Do you have any “spam” comments that need to be deleted? And most importantly, do you need to update WordPress (or any other CMS), your theme or any plugins?

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A fully updated and functional blog is THE FIRST STEP for a totally freshened blog. So make sure to start there.

Step 2 – Consider Premium Widgets or Themes

After your blog is fully updated and functional, you might consider “dazzling” it up with some premium widgets or themes. To be honest, there is such an amazing array of WordPress widgets that you can use that listing them here isn’t doing you any favors. The best thing you can do, is begin searching for “awesome premium plugins for WordPress” “the best premium WordPress themes” or “the hottest premium themes for WordPress”. These are just a few search strings that will absolutely help you brainstorm even further. And, you can probably come up with similar strings of your own.

Step 3 – Consider Implementing Free Gifts / Email Marketing

If you’re not giving away any free gifts on your blog and building an email marketing newsletter… THEN STOP EVERYTHING AND DO THAT NOW!  - If your content is any good, it’s guaranteed that your subscribers would absolutely LOVE a free gift from you. And they’ll happily

Step 4 – Reinvigorate Your Blog With Fresh Content

Have an honest look at your content. Better yet, have someone else look. Tell them to give you an honest opinion of what they think. If you already have an email newsletter? Email them and ask them to critique your work.

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Another thing to consider, is that critiquing your existing work is EASIER AND MORE EFFECTIVE if you haven’t read it in a while. Most authors find that it’s difficult to effectively critique their own work when they’re in the middle of creating it… So if you’ve been inactive or “away” for a while it might be easier to critique your existing content.

The purpose of this, is so that you can find out how you might change things. What do you write well? What kind of writing do you need to work on? What’s missing? Can you think of any controversial or other ‘hot’ topics in your industry that you haven’t touched upon yet?

Step 5 – Analyze What’s Working, and “Bump it Up”

There’s an old saying in business. It goes by “if it works – DO IT AGAIN”. That’s right. This is when you want to look at what’s working.

Which of your blog posts are getting the most visits
? The most clicks? The most comments? Once you analyze this data, it’s statistically easier to find out what makes your audience “pop”. Once you determine that… What do you do? – You “do it again” – you create more content of a similar style, and try to rekindle the type interest of your readers again and again.

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So ask yourself what do they respond well to? Examine your current statistics and find out for yourself. And then – Bump it up. Nonstop.

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