How to Unsend Twitter Direct Messages

There are these awkward moments when you send message out of annoyance and uncontrolled situation, we all aware of the upsetting feeling  of waking up in the morning and remembered that you did sent some annoying messages, if it was mail oh sorry there is nothing you can do about it and if it was text message also sorry all you gotta do is send another message stating that you aren't aware of the later message (really not good enough and can drive someone insane) but if you use Direct Message on twitter there is a simple way you can go around this, all you have to do is find the offending message and delete it instantly.

does this really have any effect? good news is that direct message  you had deleted will also be deleted from your outbox as well as receivers inbox! like the message never sent at all, no proof that you sent such messages, good feature huh,? unlike Facebook message, every one know that you can delete message from your Facebook inbox and outbox but sure receiver of such message can still view it at any time.

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Lets think about it for a seconds, if you deleting an offending sent message is not an option to you, what about messages that for whatever reasons you don't want to respond to, like those messages that makes you cry,  don't just leave it hanging there just delete it, it never happened (you cant keep such memory for ever). delete it this is how!

Here's how to delete a DM on the Web:

  1.     Click on the setting icon, (gear like button)
  2.     Select Direct Messages.
  3.     Find the offending DM.
  4.     Hover your mouse over the message locate and  Click on the trash can.
  5.     Locate and click on the "delete message"
  6.     That's it!

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Twitter Delete Direct Message,

Twitter is not the first social service that will have this optional  features in fact Gmail also had a lot of this optional features that let you create impediments to hasty e-mailing, in fact the best feature about the mid-1990s AOL Mail Service was the unsend, that is if you sent an e-mail to another AOL user, up till the moment that users actually opened it, you had the option of taking it  all back, like you never send any message,  but in the end it wont retrieve your message from the recipient's inbox.

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Why Twitter Unsend feature is Different?

  1. When you delete a DM on Twitter, Twitter removes it not  only from your outbox but as well as from the recipient's inbox!
  2. Twitter unsend is  actually an improvement over old AOL's cause even if the recipient has read it, even if the DM has been responded to, you can still delete it!
  3. You can delete a DM not just the one you sent but also the one you received

However, some smart user might get Twitter DM other ways like if they has certain application that manage their incoming messages, e-mails, text or has a special notification turned on, such users dont actually read any of  the dozens of e-mails Twitter send a day, even if they do, there is no guarantees in life, but i offer you a hope.


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