How to Jailbreak an iOS 6 Devices

If you have been trying to jailbreak your iPhone 5 or any device running iOS 6 and higher, this post is specially written for you as a new tool called evasi0n was just released, this new application is very simple and easy to use with its user friendly interface, don't sucks time and with just only take  few steps to successfully jail-broken your iPhone, a process which apple never intended to happen, well that's their problem, your problem is to successfully jailbreak your iPhone, okay lets begin.

Again before you start the process make sure you have a current back up of your iOS this is an important  to make sure you dont loose any tangible and important data in case something went bad.

And if you are using pass code on your iOS device, I suggest you disable it before you begin the jail-breaken process because that itself can cause problems you might not be able to Settings > General > Passcode Lock. to disable your passcode settings.

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Next step is to download evasi0n on your computer, there are various versions like windows, Mac and Linux after successfully downloaded and installed the application next step is to run the program and connect your iOS device. how to jailbreak an iphone

Click on the Jailbreak button from the program to start the process

your device may light up, restart, show blank screen, and do all sorts of things just don't disconnect it from the computer and wait for the next instruction from the program window, after a few minutes perhaps a reboots or more, you will be asked to unlock it and click on the "jailbreak" button once as the instruction say only tap it once!, after that Your iOS device screen will flash and then the evasi0n app on your computer will continue.

kulhead blog: how to jailbreak your iphone

A few more seconds, you will see a notification that the jailbreak process has finished, and your iOS device will reboot a few times, that's it you are done.

You will know its it has truly finished when you see your lock screen and wallpaper, you should then have Cydia icon on your home screen, confirming that the jailbreak was successful.

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If you are not familiar  with jail-breaking process you will probably be aware that at times things may go other side (goes wrong i mean) and you should be prepared to put up fight with any bad storm that seems coming or shows up, to prevent that you can easily back up your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud the choice is yours. Let just say you run to any issues during the process, it is safe to reboot your phone or the application and start the over the process, the worst case is that you restore your iDevice and try again
okay! you have jail-broken your iPhone with different method, or you know any other method to jailbreak?  lets learn from you leave your comments in the comment box below.


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