Outdated Mobile Phones That Are Still Selling Like a Gangbuster

“You can't easily convince Mr. John not to buy the old iPhone 4s until you give him $700 to buy the new iPhone 5s” 

When new phones are rolled out, some folks are afraid of burning a hole in their pockets because the truth is that the price of the latest Smartphone’s is higher as their demand are bigger too. So they quietly hang-around and wait for those phones to become outdated, then they can easily buy the old or new phone (if preferred) from a reseller or at  a free Classifieds  ads site Like OLX Nigeria at much cheaper price than the new one. 

It really surprise me to see some old devices that are still selling even selling more than when they are new and hot, I don’t specify my list on a single manufacturer, of course the list was expanded to Blackberry, iPhone and Samsung. But where is Nokia? Well I dunno. 

I can't specifically give out reasons as why these devices are selling like a gangbuster even till their old age, I believe  this was due to performance, phone life and compatibility maybe even more. I'm sure you're in haste to know about these devices, ok now the list start.

“You can't easily convince Mr. John not to buy the iPhone 4s until you give him $700 to buy the new iPhone 5s”

iPhone 4s

If you're still having your old iPhone 4S for sale, there are chances you'll get a buyer sooner than later, there is a good resale value for this phone, that is "you won’t lose you sell and you wont cry you buy", there are many people who still cant wait to get a hold of this phone despite it has been succeeded by 3 different phones (iPhone 5, 5s and 5c), (maybe more). This old phone can still be purchased at negotiable price of 53k in any online store where they sell used phones. 

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Blackberry Bold 5 

For those that cherish the blackberry devices and can’t afford to purchase their new Smartphone, getting a good conditioned Bold 5 is probably the best option, despite this phone has also been succeeded by many latest devices, still the demand are getting higher in the market, don’t believe me? Couple of months back I found it hard to  change a friend’s mind in purchasing a aged devices and go for new one, but he later throw away all my advices and went on to acquire the Bold 5. 

Personally as much as I hated blackberry devices, I still give the Bold 5 a different viewpoint, considering the smart touch and the QWERTY, I think this is the reasons many still want to kill themselves in acquiring the device.

Samsung Galaxy SII 

Much focus was on Samsung to release their new phone since the release of Galaxy S4 in 2013, although the price of their latest S4 is dropping and many people are still buying, this is also the same for the old Galaxy S2, many individual neglected the same old Galaxy SIII and went ahead to purchase the older S2.

Blackberry Torch 2 

If you want to buy a cheap and affordable blackberry phone, don’t waste your time too much the blackberry torch 2 is there for you at negotiable price of 15k for used one, the range at which all and sundry are rushing to buy the phone is unbearable despite is of no use than to listen to music! Asked if I love the phone? Hell no!! 


Before I wrote this post I made research to make sure if these devices are really selling, and all the result I got on these devices really surprise me. You can also check on mobile store where they sell both used and new phones to know if these phones are really getting buyer. I will be glad to have your comment on this topic to show your contribution and why some of these devices are still selling.


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