Gmail Vs Yahoomail: 6 Reasons Gmail is Better

Back then More than 70 % of new born babies to Computer and Internet Life  have Yahoo mail has their first Mail Service, Because it is one of the Oldest Web Mail Service then and regarded as the best Mail Client since its launch in 1997,  it made its service even more better with Facebook and Outlook Contacts Import, Easy Accessibility, photos and videos viewing in inbox, Fast Loading even with Slow Net., unlimited storage, themes gallery, spam protection and Optional Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and everyone is enjoying their services.

What  Cause The Changes?

Not long after Google introduce new Mail Service"Gmail" in 2004 some yahoo users started to double-dating and got engaged with Gmail, in the start, Gmail has no real difference from Yahoo, Not that I see but Some users still keep using both services but as long as Yahoo started their tight security upgrade which cost many of their users a trouble time to login to their accounts and made new account opening impossible and also they are demanding annual fee for  automatic message forwarding, which Gmail made free. We started gradually got used to Gmail and do all our Mail services with Gmail since yahoo is expendable. Finally close to 70% of Yahoo Mail users got divorced and married to Gmail. I was among those users and never regret switching to Gmail and ditched Yahoo mail due to the following services am enjoying with Gmail.

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Gmail Vs Yahoomail: 6 Reasons Gmail is Better

Mobile App

The very first service am enjoying most on Gmail is the Mobile Gmail Application which most Mail client lack even last reigning king "Hotmail", This mail application is created to maintain access to your Gmail account it makes email checking and writing more simpler than it is in the Gmail Web-based UI. it is easy to use even your great grandma can operate it, it is available in apple store and Google play, although Yahoomail also have mobile application which is only Chat application YahooMessenger, but access to your mails is denied.

Two Steps Security Verification

When registering for new account on Gmail, it is very damn easy compare to registration or signing up from Yahoomail, despite Yahoo tight security uprageds which spoilts everything....I guess, they still cant beat Gmail with security doubts, upon sign up on Gmail you are provided with Two steps Security Verification, One Mobile and other Security Question, the Mobile Verification is of two types, Text and Call directly to your phone to any country...nice and easy.

Language & Browsers Supports

For Gmail all browsers is supported unlike Yahoomail which only support most browsers but not all, and Language......Language, Gmail supports 52 Languages where Yahoomail only support 27 Languages, Google Translate is right there for you, means you don't have to worry of  receiving mail in other languages.

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Attachments made easy

Yes! I cant do without ataching files, and I've found Gmail to be best for me when it comes to attaching large files, super fast and easy, unlike Yahoomail which sometimes failed in attaching even small size file, mulitiple attachments is easy with 25MB attachment limit but 10+ GB mail box storage.

Easy Access to Other Google Services

Also I only have to create one Google account to get access to other Google services and products like YouTube, Voice, Calendar, Talk, Google + Google social Networking which in the next future will be Social Media Giant anytime Facebook messed up, Photo and Web search, Blogger, Webmaster tools, Maps, Google Play, News and even more and more services, like I said only one Google Accounts gives me access to those services.

Finally, The Interface!

Am aware that Yahoo mail also have theme gallery where you can change your theme, Gmail also has this and apart from that, Gmail provide extra design to its interface which made it user friendly, Conversation view, label organization and etc. Starring a message is easier viewed with Gmail as the star is in front of the message making it easily seen but Yahoo it is on the right side and you must expand your page to see it, Gmail is more than Mail Client but task Manager, I can view files right their from my inbox without downloading, Voice chats and ability to make phone calls through Gmail instant messaging System made me most active user of Gmail, also I got notifications of my inbox right in my phone as message, I can reply and send message on phone, though little amount is deducted.but it is Superb..

Anyway am not saying Yahoo mail doesn't provide better services...humm...hummm NO, don't get me wrong even it  it is dear old Mail client then I must remember it dearly, I just shared my experiences and opinions on the both WebMail Clients and I would love to hear yours too, Yes please! use the Comment Box below.


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