Browser Battle: Mozilla Firefox Vs Google Chrome

Firefox or Google Chrome, Which do you really prefer? I cant stop asking my self this questions sometimes, despite that I have both Browsers installed on my Computer and to be point blank, I uses Firefox  like always, (always). Don't know if other people will follow me on this, but I just have to share my experiences.
Not long after Google was released some people started switching to using it from the most widely used Browser Firefox, I was among of this fellows back then, and to be realistic the only reason Google Chrome took advantage of Mozilla is their browsing speed and Extension, let me say it in more explained manner....these are the reasons I stopped using Google Chrome and finally became full-time Firefox users.
Browser Battle Between Mozilla Firefox Vs Google Chrome
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The Interface........Sucks

I don't know if you agree to this but look at the ancient Browsers interface and compare it with Google Chrome and Mozilla, what am getting at is that the Mozilla interface is nice, simple and easy to use, you can do any setting while still surfing the web with Mozilla, easy changing of proxy, cache clearing, bookmarks and many more are just easy, to crown it all, if you love to open many tabs (which I don't normally do) Firefox is the best browser for you, if you look at the way Google Chrome open plenty tabs which doesn't allow you to see the other title pages even the current tab, "you'll gosh" but in Firefox, you can open as many as tabs you like and your title pages for all tabs are still there for you to see.

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Bookmarking......Just Like Dream

With Google Chrome I dont think you've ever easily bookmark those sites.....I guessed not! What I know is that it is very easy to bookmark sites on Firefox than Chrome, Firefox Bookmark toolbar is easy when compare to Google Chrome Bookmark Manager which is just joke of the feature, to make it more difficult for me to use, I found scrolling through current bookmark very slow and it seems like nightmare.

Updates? No Time For Google Chrome

Firefox dont just take challenge and started updating, they have been updating since start, recently they added built-in PDF viewing a convenient that's been in Chrome for over a year, there is no way to avoid occasionally run in to website that link to a PDF file rather than a webpage and with Mozilla Impressive built in Pdf viewing is just easy to view even without Adobe reader installed on your computer, it is in fact built using entirely web standard code. This made me understand there is nothing Chrome is capable of that Firefox wont do, it only take update over updates to keep it impressive and easy, a process which Search Engine and Advertising Giant Google don't have time for.

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Download Manager....Sorry Just Hate it

Chrome as well as any other Browsers have in built Download Manager that handle any download process you made even if you dont have Third Party download manager software installed on your Computer, Software I dont think it is really necessary when one is using Firefox unless special feature is demanded, take a look at the way Google Chrome handle download like an old version  and Illiterate fellow, when Mozilla download just made easy.

Search Engine....Not Friendly

Despite being the Search Engine Giant, Google Chrome still cant afford to separate an address box and search box, which made Firefox one of the last remaining browsers to still use separate address and search boxes which is good for people like me who like to keep both activities different, apart from this, Firefox has always been the best Browser most open to allow different search engine providers like and including special search like shopping. amazon and ebay.

Whooa....Whoooa, listen am not saying Google Chrome didn't take its part in creating a better and standard Browser, here am just saying my point of view, am sure there is no chat to express feelings and opinions over the internet, so if you ever have any idea that oppose any of the stated points, just let me know by living the comment below, you are also welcome to state your experiences with both browser either good or bad.


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