How To Install Comment Luv Plugin on Blogger

Some Bloggers may have been wondering how I install and use comment Luv on my Blog without giving me any problem whatsoever, If you are one those bloggers that are bothered with the way their default comment system looks like and behave, the best option is to remove it and install better commenting system on your Blog, The Default commenting System don't last more than a week  on my blog, I first stated with Disqus which give me series of issues before I finally got it installed easily, What make me change it? Comment Luv is the only reason am happy to leave comment on other sites, comment Luv not only make your comment easy but add value to SEO, Build Backlinks and others, I was agitated when I heard its only on WordPress one can enjoy comment Luv better,, but back then I just started my blog, I dont have any much idea about using Wordpress, I was so frustrated and I keep searching till I finally got a way to use comment Luv on Blogger.

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What is comment Luv?

What make Comment Luv different from all commenting systems features is that comment luv compensate your blog readers who are also blogger by automatically linking the title of their latest post right after their comment to your blog, and also help your readers who are not blogging by discovering new and interesting post, doing this help you to gain more readers, more commenter and especially add real value to your SEO, because there are some keyword which you may not be able to write in your post, but with the help of your readers, commenter and comment Luv those keywords are added for you.

Well, you might say I stopped using disqus because of comment luv? there are other several reasons that made me change disqus commenting system on my blog but i will implore you to use comment luv on your blog and see the difference..Wait here, Disqus is as best as any other best commenting system, am not "recycled bin" it since am using another commenting system that is comment luv enabled.

 How to install Comment Luv on your blog?

After searching and testing all comment system I discovered I can only get comment luv installed on my blog with "intense debate" .  this is how I got comment luv installed on my blog with the help of intense debate.
visit intense debate and register, if you've already have WordPress account, you can easily login with your WordPress account,.
after you've successfully  created your account log in Now
  1. Add your site by clicking on the site drop down men and select add blog/site, 
  2. Enter you blog or website URL, select blogger (if you are using blogger platform).
  3. Go to your blogger template and select backup/restore at the top right side.
  4. Click on download full template (to download your full template)
  5. Now go back to intense debate and select you full template you just downloaded by clicking on the browse icon.
  6. Upload your full template to intense debate by clicking upload file and continue                               wait for few seconds for your new  whole template, (with intense debate enabled) 
  7. Copy all these code and go back to your blogger template. 
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 Template >> EDIT HTML >> Proceed and highlight/select all the code, now paste the codes you copied from step 7 above and save your template.
Now preview your blog and see intense debate enabled on your blog
to be honest with you you've done 80% of the hard work, and now is the time to activate comment luv
 at the bottom of your screen on intense debate you will be able to see something similar to this image below

kulhead blog: comment luv plugin on blogger

  • click on the Go and configure this intense debate account
  • select plugin at the left side of your screen
  • scroll down to locate comment luv
  • click on activate button beside it

how to install comment luv plugin on blogger: kulhead blog

There are other nice plugin there you can install on your blog, just locate them and click activate.
all done, is now time to enjoy nice commenting system on your blog with comment luv enabled

This is how I got comment luv  enabled on my blog, if you encounter any problem or issues during the process or you want to suggest better method of installing comment luv on blogger, comment free using the comment box below :)


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