5 Things About Google Adsense That Will Affect You & Your Blog

Google Adsense that will all praise all day can be in some ways affecting us or our blogs, it is understandable for a blogger to make little revenue from his blog and No doubt Google Adsense is the best way to make it possible, but Hey I don't want you to quit blogging just because Google Adsense is not approving your blog, there are many alternatives to Google Adsense and there are more better ways to make money with your blog, which you may loose as soon as you get approved by Google Adsense.

Some bloggers, Webmasters, Online Entrepreneurs may think I write this post out of annoyance, yeah maybe! I was really heated by submitting my application to Google Adsense and still end up disapproved, Why Dont you read through these reasons before you judge me either I write it out of personal satisfaction or not? These are What Adsense will do to you and your Blog

#1 Chase Away Your Readers!

I love and cherish my readers and I believe you always write your posts to your readers satisfaction and make your readers stay as much as they want on your blog, by linking your post to other related  post on the topic you are writing has proved to reduce the bounce rate of your  site on Google Analytic, the best way that benefits you and your readers is to open such link post in another tab on their browser, by doing this they will read both post without loosing the other, but Google has took it all away with their ads that doesn't open in another tab, which you don't have any choice to change it like you do on your posts, once your readers click on those Google ads, they loose the original post they come to read and they are now reading ads, this thereby bring about two things:

top 5 reasons why Google Adsense Sucks

Is either you gradually loose readers (readers that in future may be of benefit to you than just clicking ads) or those readers stop clicking on your ads, Now ask yourself, Did your readers come to your site to read ads?

#2 Delay Your Payment

Is there any reason to delay your payment? you may find out from those using Google Adsense that "How many days does it take to receive their money", Google Adsense payment might take more than a month before you receive your payment, if you first get approved they will have to verify your address by sending a pin to you which may take more than 2 months to be verified, and when you start earning lets say your earning reach their minimum payout of $100 on 1st of month, they send the Cheque to you which took 2-3 weeks before you collect it depending on where you live, Bank processing may take 1-3 weeks before it finally credited to your bank account. I was even told that to make your Payment fast within a week you tend to pay 17 euro for speed post, why are they not using Paypal, Liberty Reserve and other fast internet money transfer, to delay your payment perhaps...?

#3 Give You No Customer Support

every ads company have mail support as well as Google Adsense, but what's the value of support that doesn't support itself, you may request for support on certain things and submitted your support, within three to four days you may not be reply back and if you are lucky to be replied, your problem will not be solved, either directed you to the their forum or get your help from somewhere else, I have seen ads company like Chitika replying support question immediately as it's submitted!

#4Too Many Rules

Google Adsense was soaked with rules here and there, you just cant get past'em, the worst past is that you don't really break any rules is just their silly excuse to disapproved you from the program, it is understood that many people has been abused Google Adsense by using tricks or third party program to get their Adsense approved, only because they think they paid high because of their asceticism, which might be proved wrong. Sometimes you will be disapproved and they will notify you that they wont give any specific reason on why your application was disapproved.

#5 Never Let You Back in, Once You Banned

Not like in the olden days when  you apply for Google Adsense in a day and get approved the next day, these days it is really hard for newbies to get their Adsense approved, some has tired of resubmitting their application, some tried with different account still proved futile endeavor, and those that was approved are in danger of not getting disapproved because once you banned there is no good chance of re apply for the program again, unlike other ads company which you barely banned and can still be apply for it, if you so wish to do business with them.

Hey don't criticize me,  I don't say Google Adsense is that really bad, but I cant stop thinking when those up-listed reasons come to my head that "do I really need to be approved by Google Adsense? if you want to answer this question or still see reasons why you should use or stop using Google Adsense, Let me Know by Using the comment Box below.


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