7 Ways to Get Free Daily Traffic To your New Blog/Website

Those with higher Page views and thousands of unique visitors per day may not want to read this post, it is only for those who just started Blogging and wondering how they can get their New blog up and running to the internet, and those who want Search Engine to Index their site withing short period of time. It is so damn easy to start or creat a Free Blog but the frustrating part of it is to get visitors to read your post, without any visitors reading your post, your post is as good as useless, These Tips explain How New Blog can get and increase their page views and visitors everyday.

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Social Media/Social Bookmarking

The best way your new site is going to gain  many followers is through Social Media, If you can Associate your self very well on Social Media and Optimize them to grow your Business is huge way to kick start your blog traffic, I believe you may have been aware of The Top Social Media sites Like Facebook, Twitter, Google + but there are other Social Media/Bookmarking Sites you've never been aware of or you dont know how it can increase your blog traffic, you can do little Google search if you want to know more, below are little of them.
kulhead.blogpot.com: use social media for site traffic

 - Social-Bookmarking.net
 - BuddyMarks
 - Rudan Bookmarks 
 - H-Stream Links
 - Kabayani Bookmarks
 - SiteJot
 - Plurk

 Additionally, you can use Yahoo Answers to solve some people questions about what you blog about, you  may end up linking your answers to one of your post there by bringing countless of traffic to your blog.
Furthermore, Use Article Directories like Enzine articles and others will also be a good benefits to your blog, all you need to do now is to get busy sharing your blog post across the web and get unlimited pageviews everyday.

Quality Content

Dont Forget The Old Popular Saying "Content is King" can not be humiliated, Posting Quality Content on your websites can drive myriad of visitors to your blog everyday, this is not a way of saying you should publish craps on daily basis but Unique and Quality posts as possible as you can, Remember that you are not a writer or reporter that report everyday news, you should take time to compile your post before publishing it to the internet, Remember plagiarisms is a taboo in blogosphere, avoid it!

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Blogging Community/Forums

This is another Sure Free way to drive instant Traffic to your new and old blog, Joining Forums or Communities with high interest on what you blog about and make sure to write one or two posts daily to these forums and professionally putting your site link below each post will increase your pageviews daily, Imagine if your post shows up in the first page on the forum with at least 28,000 page views..wow! don't be surprised it has been tested on many Forums and I got more than 45,000 views with 163 comments and still counting, if you are not sure which Forums or community to join you can start with Bloggers.com/ or download my best highly ranked web forums here.

Guest Post

This simply means writing post for another websites, this might sound little perplexing but if approach professionally can be good source of traffic to you, before you can write post for any publisher in dream to gain more traffic to your blog and build backlink these are what you need to know: you need to look for websites that you blog on related things,is highly rank, have many traffics than your blog, accept guest post, will dofollow your links, will lets you have your own bio-data below your post. If all the above is meant go on and write unique post as a guest post and watch your traffic and page rank increasing as you do so.

Free Giveaways

Every one Love and enjoy Free things, learn how to give and gain more visitors and give them reasons to come back to your site, this is easy to do just offer your tutorial on major problem, how to make money, free tools, and make sure to add your link on anythings you offer them and urge them to come to your site for more better free giveaways.

Comment Luv

how to use comment luv to gain traffic: kulhead.blogspot.com
how to use google analytics Google anaylitcs for site traffic: kulhead.blogspot.com Professional blogger and publisher must love to read, but to increase your traffic  just read only is not required but comment on blog that have comment luv enabled because comment luv allow commenter to automatically enable their latest post at the end of their comments. Good News is that if you are on Blogger You can also include comment Luv in your Comment box also like the one on this blog.

Google Analytic

For those on Blogger Platform, this is the best way to track your pageviews and visitors, it gives and report your audience overview with full information about who visited your site, time taken, post visited, bounce rate, unique and returning visitors, system used, all these information are helpful in other for you to determine where to focus on on your blog and  also encourage you to improve your page rank.

Now Your Turn?

Here is as far as I can go, Your duty now is to start busy implementing those tips on your blog, those you see with High Page rank and Pageviews also started with Zero Views, You too can beat them if you work hard, remember "Dont just read this Post, Make sure you implement it as soon as you can and I guarantee you that you will see much traffic as you expected" I will welcome any comments & Issues you intend to offer Just use the comment box below to let me know Halt! You forgot to share this post to your friends!


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