Facebook Vs Twitter: Reasons Why Facebook Is The Best

It is well known on Internet that Facebook and Twitter are the biggest Social Media, What and How these Social Networks have change and grow many Online Marketers can never be imagined, But there comes a moment When One have to decide on Which of these Two is the best and which of them is most useful to Interact, Connect as well as Promoting Business Online, Facebook is my Social Media I use it all day, but that doesn't mean am not using others as well, These are the reasons I  choose Facebook as my Social Media Favorite over Twitter.

Reasons Why Facebook is Better than Twitter

Followers &  Friends

One of the reason why Facebook has many users than Twitter is that: It is very easy to add friends on Facebook (even if you don't know them), but the process is not the same on Twitter where you might follow someone without them following you back, Reason I Link my Facebook Account With Twitter is because On Facebook You have the both chance at your hands you can Follow Friends and Add them as your friends, If you don't want to add them as friend you can subscribe to their Public Updates by following them.

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The Fact that Facebook support Instant Notification of Messages, Status Updates, Forum Updates, Likes and Comments make it more Usable and Friendly than its Rival Twitter, When you are offline you got nothing to miss because your Notifications is all there, and you have full control of all your notifications, you can either turn some off if they are disturbing or turn to spamming on your timeline.

Forums, Likes & More

One of the reasons why Facebook still get more users than Twitter is these Facebook features: Forums, Fan Page, Likes, Comments, Shares, with your Facebook account you can create your own Facebook Fan page, group and forum where you have the opportunity to interact and communicate with other Facebook users who like your page or you invited them to your created group and forum, as well on Twitter where you can re-tweet and reply, you can do more on Facebook by comment and share any posts.


Every Online Marketers Recommend and respect the power of advertisement of product or services on Social Media, Facebook Who allow direct Advertisement placement on its Platform make it more of benefits to Online Marketers, Where as ads on Twitter can only be done through third-party ads company like Addynamo.com

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Status Update

This is not much to talk about, but I embraced Facebook because it allow me to  update status as long as I want, but on Twitter you only got to update your status with 140 words per tweet, I know you might have stuck to a moment on Twitter where you want to tweet long text and you have  to re-construct your tweet to not exceed 140 words.

Live Chats

This also some cool features that makes Facebook rate higher than Twitter, you can enjoy live chat with your friends, send and receive pictures, chatting and communicating with your followers and friends bring you closer to them and by doing so, you know what they are looking for and you provide necessary service to them. But sometimes this can only be turn to disturbance and distraction, you have to strategize yourself by Turning Off Your Chats When its Necessary in other not to be a victim of Facebook Addiction.

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