5 Best Ways To Send And Receive Money Online

Online Money Transaction simply means sending and receiving Money over the internet, It has been a great Advantage to many Web Entrepreneurs to conduct their daily transaction, Also it has boost many Companies, due to the fact that its Fast, Secure and Easy to use,  Many internet users even forgot about going to Bank to transact, they strongly believe in Online Transaction. Due to enormous range of internet there are lots of ways one can easily send and receive payment online, but Most people prefer to user some certain services for their daily transactions, here is the list of major e-currencies sites which are dominating today's online commerce system.

ways to send and receive money online: Kulhead Blog

#1 Liberty Reserve

Liberty reserve is the most Oldest, Fastest, Safest and most popular payment processor which has been serving billions of customers around the world, I make it a top list because unlike other payment processor or e-currencies exchanger, Liberty Reserve is open to any country and any person older than 18 years can have an account Number (usually 7 Nos and 1 letter, Don't require any payment to open an Account, No Bank Account or Credit Card needed to Verify your account and to operate, Your Funds are stored Privately in two different currencies that's Dollar and Euro, it is very easy to tranfer or remove funds from Liberty Reserve to Your Bank Accounts throught their independent exchange providers

#2 PayPal

PayPal is also one of the most widely use online payment system, it is also very easy to use, Only Your Email Address is required to send and receive payment, to make transaction more easier, whenever you need to send money to someone all they need to receive is an email address or Mobile number, Even if they don't have an Existing PayPal Account. your transactions are safe because all your financial information is encrypted, and they monitored your transaction 24/7, but due to maximum number of users and high rate of scamming with PayPal, PayPal have almost restrict many countries from transacting payment with them, African and many European countries are included which make it very difficult to manage PayPal Account in those mentioned Countries, Unless certain Steps are taken.

Note: Credit Card is needed to verify Opening of Your Account.

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#3 Amazon WebPay

This is almost like PayPal since Money is Sent and Received through Email Address, Online Transaction and Shopping is Effortlessly Across the Web with Amazon WebPay. To send Money to your Friends and Family using the payment info in your Amazon.com account and Receive money from any Amazon Payment customer online, you just need to send a request to their Amazon.com email address to collect money, When you want to send money all you need to do is
  1. Login your account
  2. Enter the email address of the recipient in the To field
  3. Enter the amount you want to send
  4. Click send
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#4 Dwolla

Dwolla is a big challenger to PayPal and is also one of the best way to move money online, No percentage, No Hidden Fees,, is a payment network that allows anyone to purchase and pay bills and rent, send, accept and request money, No Credit Card included and they don't charge hefty fees per transaction just $0.25 per transaction or free for transaction of $10 or less, they securely connect to your bank accounts and allows you to move and transact money to your friends through emails, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

#5 PayZa

Payza: good ways to send and receive money online
Payza is also one of the best when it comes to Online Payment, its a convenient way to quickly and securely get shop or sell online, it is a fast way to get your money where it need to be, it is not globally available but it cross over 190 countries around the world, you can easily get your money in and out of your Payza e-wallet easily and cheaper with their Flexible Deposits and Withdrawals, where Sending and Receiving Money Online Don't include your personal information make it more secure.

Some Precautions to Take When Transacting Online

Online Transaction is widely known for scams and fraud, However if some certain Precaution are taken, it can reduce the scam or fraud rate.
  1. Never Disclose Your Account Details to anyone
  2. Do not open attachments from emails that indicate something about liberty reserve
  3. Do not reply to mails asking for your account details
  4. Always and frequently change your password for security purpose
  5. Never go to programs that offer high returns, or offers incredible, because they may distort the link Liberty Reserve payment and capture your passwords, and then to defraud your account
  6. Always Update your virus definition whenever an update is available
  7. Don't unnecessarily Keep Large amount of Money Online

All the above mentioned Online Payment services are only based on my Knowledge and Ranking them was only on Users review, How Convenient to use, Charging Rate and Globally Usage, Am not legally responsible for any misconduct you experienced with them, since am not getting paid for referring them only Libery Reserve which I always use.

What Should You Use?

This Depends on your Location, where you are sending to, Amount you are sending, and how frequent you send, if you have any alternative to Online Transaction, Do Share them with me through comment box below


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