Window 7 Vs Window XP: 6 Reasons Am Using Window 7

No Doubts Window Operating Systems has been updating over the years ago, with new features, and increased performances, it first started in Window 2000 with Internet Explorer 5 and support hibernation , again in Window XP with Start Menu and Taskbar, and again in Window Vista with Internet Explorer 7, Windows Sidebars and still again in Window 7 with improved start button and search bar, and lastly updates happen in Window 8 with the new lock screen, window store apps, charms to mention just fews,  Despite all improvement and redesigned  that can push users to switch to new OS many computer users still operating with outdated window because of certain things they're enjoying and was removed or redesign in the new OS. Here are the list of features that keep me still at window 7 and not willing to use window 8.

6 reasons Window 7 is better than Window XP


This New Window 7 Networking Features gives the best in easy and free networking and sharing of resources including printers and different types of files for window 7 PCs, Homegroup is password protected which require each computer to join the Network Group to give a matching shared password unlike the Workgroup in window XP where only Network Administrator can add computer or another network users

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In Window 7 the taksbar has experience real changes in visual the old quick launch toolbar as it was in the former version of Window has completely being replace with the ability to pin applications to the task-bar, this allow quick and easy access to common window programs and tasks, because button for pinned application are integrated with tasks button and are enabled jump list features.

More Customization

In some earlier release of Windows some Windows files and components cannot be modified and those components and programs are of no use to Computer or there are available better program than the default window program, but in Window 7 you can easily disable such Window components like: Interne Explorer, Window Media Player, Handwriting Recognition and lots more.

Aero Snap & Aero Peek

By looking to the far right of the computer where system clock is located there is a small rectangular button that serves as the Show Desktop icon, this feature doesn't exist in window XP and its is one of the unique features of Window 7 which i love so much, I don't need to right click and select show desktop again, only one click and all my active program minimized for a quick look at the desktop click it again and it restored and maximized all active windows. but if the mouse is hovered over it, all windows became transparent and a quick glance at Desktop is possible.

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Redesigned Calculator

 Most of my time with Computer I do always use Calculator, I found Window 7 calculator more friendly than Window XP, with multiline capabilities including length, temperature, weight conversions, and several others, along with  Programmer and Statistics modes, which make most useful to me.

Start Menu Search Box

Window 7 Gives me the power to search and browse through my computer very fast, I can search for many things in many places, I don't need to do all clicking before I finally reach my destination, all I need is to just type part of the file name I want to open right there in my home screen and relevant files will be listed for

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I believe Window 8 has an improved features and performances, but Why Me or You still using Window 7 is what I just explained, you can add more and share your opinions too using the comment box below.


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