4 Common Causes of Files and Data Loss on Computers

Many users complain of lost files on their Computer, even every years millions of people kiss their precious files goodbye, whereas causes of data and files lost on  Computers are so numerous that you can find 'til the cows come home and you will still never find it, this may seems unlikely but over quarter of all PC problems is somehow related to data and file lost. I have received litany of complaints concerning data lost mostly on how to recover data and files lost, knowing and aware of the most  common causes of data lost will help to understand the importance of insuring data safety, as they said prevention is better than cure, where causes of data lost are endless I have identified 6 Most common causes of data and files lost.
Hard drive failure is the most common causes of data and files loss on Computer

Virus Attack

This is the first commander  of all common causes of data and files lost, Virus Attack is a very troubling issues it can cause a more complex situation than to lose data only, actually it can damage the whole Computer or affect major Window components thereby causing a Computer to malfunction, Today's viruses like Trojan Horse, worms can cause run-of-the mills Window and Application Problems, Out of memory, File not found or corrupted, intermittent failure are all result of virus attack, the first action of virus is to damage and corrupt some affected files on your computer usually your most valuable files or System files, as you well know any files affected by virus cannot be easily recovered and thereby lost, having strong and updated version of trusted antivirus software program can prevent a Computer from any kind of Virus attack, and also precaution need to be taken on plugging different kind of removable devices and opening of unknown files or attachments as viruses are easily spread through those ways.

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Hard Disk or System Failure

To be actual, Hard Disk contain most of valuable and important files to you and the Computer, to a professional Operator Hard Disk and System failure might seems unlikely and rare, but to an amateur users, Hard disk and System  Failure is most likely the causes of Data lost, Failure Hard disk can be caused in may ways, heat, electric, internal failure, natural disasters like earthquake, lightning strikes,  among other causes, preventing your Hard disk from any kind of failure will reduce chances  of Losing that on your Computer.

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Hasty Users

Maybe it is careless, maybe it isn't, but some Computer Operators sometimes unknowingly self - delete their files, in condition of hurry and swift mode, this may also be done by third party users that have access in some ways or the other to use the Computer, it may be your child playing with your Computer or some disgruntled users, this can be prevented by revoking or limiting access to users on a Computer and avoid permanently delete your unwanted files (uses of Shift + Del), it is a smarter way to send your unwanted files to recycle bin and if need be you can restore them back.

Upgrading & Downgrading

Upgrading to a new Operating System require you to Format your Hard drive which will delete all files and data on the drive, Many users has lost files on their Computer through upgrading or Downgrading to another Operating Systems, where as this can be prevented by fully backed up your files and data before starting the Upgrading Process, or risk loosing files stored files on your Drive and there is no guaranteed way to successfully recover them.

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So here we are, No more data lost on your Computer ever again, sometimes you may need to know how to Prevent Data Loss on your Computer or how to Recover Lost Data......I personally write a guest post on this, if you need or want to make any further suggestion feel free to tell me using the comment box below, Hold on!! you forget to share it to your friends or You want them to lose those files and data. :)


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