Wondershare software, one-stop solution for Android Users

Are you planning to change to Android smartphones? Am not pointing my middle finger at you just because you get sick of the iOS restrictive principle but I'm more concern on how you will want to get yourself back on track with your new Android phone. Just because you eventually choose Android doesn't mean you don't want a lot of what you’re enjoying on iPhone or any other device you switched from! of course you will need to transfer your contacts, apps, text messages, call logs musics, video and pictures easily and conveniently from your iPhone to your new Android device, isn’t it? Then Wondershare Software is your one sto solution to all your important tasks. It is easy, convenient and all your task will be done with just a few clicks.

What is Wondershare Software Anyway?

Wonderhsare is a multipurpose software company, their software are useful for different platform and different usage, ranges from Mac, Windows and Macintosh and iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows for PC an mobile respectively, there are also many multimedia tools to convert videows to other formats with additional editing functions, PDF tools for quick and easy conversion from PDF format to other text format such as Excel, Word, HTML etc, data back and recovery for PC and Laptops, Mobile Application to help you sync and transfer files, folder, etc from one Operating System to other, such as Windows, Android, iOS, etc.

Am Using Android, How does Wondershare Software Work?

Wondershare Trans

So if you just swictched  to Android device , there is no way you wont need wondershare software, of course you will need to transfer contact, sms, etc to your new android phone, then wondershare mobile transfer can help you out with just a view clicks.

 then wondershare mobile transfer can help you out with just a view clicks.

Wondershare Mobile Trans lets you transfer files between iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones, you simply install the utility, then both phones must be connected at the same time, then the software and its nice, clean and easy User interface walk you through all the steps

Wondershare Dr Fone for Android

With Wondershare Dr Fone, there is nothing like data or files loss, you can use wondershare Dr fone to recover data that you may thought was lost and gone forever, Dr fone for Android can restoer text messages, photos & videows, audios and files.

All your data are recover with just easy 3 steps

  • Install the software
  • Connect your phone
  • Scan your device, and
  • Recover you data!

Wondershare Mobile Go for Android

This is the best Android manager you can use (trust me) :), as you keep enjoying your android devices, there will be more of important files, pictures with loved one at amazing places, important contacts, favourite apps and lots more, wouldn't it be great if you manage and backed up all these good stuffs in one place? this is just what wondershare Mobile Go was made for.. It lets you transfer content between iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones – in just one-click!

These apps are most have for all who switched from one Mobile OS to Android, however, there are more other cool wonder tools for Video and DVD such as:

Though most of these wonders apps comes with trial and registered versions,most trial versions have very few or no functional differences from the registered version. Wondershare provide trial versions with different restriction on different products, therefore, to know the limitation on your product, kindly check the FAQs on the product. 


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