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My last post was on blog setup where I explained how newbies can setup there blog from scratch without even have any idea what blog/web design means, I will try to explain further on Blog Setup in my coming post and am also working on creating a free ebook on blog setup and how to make money from it, but today am focusing on one different issues on blogger. These are some mistakes I made when I started Blogging and does affect me, which you dont have to make the same mistakes as I did.

3 blogging rules: wwww.kulhead.blogspot.com

Always Backup

 Am very greedy in designing something to my taste, for that case I always made some modifications on my templates, but one day something happens "I am using a share button I added from +Don Caprio post, so I intend to change those share buttons to larger one and also add counts to it, during the process I removed the existing one and add  the code for the new one, click on save template "without having any backups" My  believe is that if there is an error in the code, it will not save until I correct the error, my template saved and viewed my blog....eh! what I received was an error message, I started looking for a way, yes I did find a way out but it really spend most of my time, time which I don't have, since then I have learn to always have a backup before doing any modification on my template and you should learn yours.!

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Type/Edit with Notepad

If you are on Blogger platform You may have your reasons to not want to type and edit your post on blogger post interface like when you disconnect and you still want to continue with your post, or writing post when internet connectivity is unavailable but to my own reason I dont want to waste my meg! so I disconnected and continue my post in Microsoft word after am done with my post connect back again and upload my post picture then copy my edited post from Microsoft to blogger, I published and Next...error message!, I don't know what cause the error message because the error message only show on post summary in the homepage and disappear when I read the full post, I thought I had messed up with my settings and started look for a way out like I always do, scared? yeah am really scared but thank to my mentor Mr don caprio of doncaprio.com who told me  that the error message was caused because I typed with Microsoft word, I don't want to know why, so I don't bother to ask! all I know is that since then I don't even dream of typing and editing with  Microsoft word again, I use Notepad and am finally free from the error message, you want to know what I did with the Post, I deleted it from my post then re-write and re-published again.

Avoid Plagiarism 

This rule is for general blogger, under no circumstances should you ever plagiarize. The honor you have for being a blogger is rendered useless when you caught copying another person's content without authorization, Plagiarism is the way of using someone else's work or words and ideas and passing them off as your own, Most new bloggers has turn plagiarism as their habit. It is understood you read a good article and you love the phrase or the whole post so much that you want it to be on your post but give me a break, you must attribute the source where the  phrase or the post came from, doing this also show that you are professional and will increase your status and reputation as a blogger.

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Those are the procedures and cautions you must take while using Blogger platform, feel free to drop your comment and views.


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