How To Create Your Own Free Personal Website With Blogger

If you have been waiting for months even years deliberating how you can create a website or blog, the platform to use? And what design to go for? continue reading this post and you will find in here full guide on how to setup your own blog for free withing the next 20 minutes.You might have already known that without websites there is no internet, websites are what make the web go longer, there are different types of websites you can create depending on what you're planning to do with your website, business, company, forum, social media, personal sites etc. but before you can create any of these websites professionally you must have some basic knowledge of web design.

Personal websites are most common on the internet today, almost everybody want to have their own website especially since they know they can make some cool money from this type of website, this type of personal site allow anyone to share and record opinions, information, etc which is called "blog".

How do you Create your Site/Blog for free?

This is a question I know it has been bothering your mind for long time, you must have known that to create a website you must know some kind of internet language like html, css, php, as well as some web design program like Dreamweaver etc. well, all these languages are useful to create a standard website, but wait what if you don't know any internet language or have no knowledge of web design and you want to create your own normal personal blog? there are two answer to this, One: is either you hire a web designer to do it for you but we both know there will be some price to pay or Two: let me teach you how to create your personal site for free.

Introduction to Blogger

Blogger is a platform powered by Google that gives anybody to have their own website for free, good news is that you don't really need to be a web designer to create your site, yes Icreated my own blog without having any knowledge of web designing., here is few steps to setup and create your own website. full guide to blog setup
  1. First visit
  2. If you already have Google account, just sign with your Google account, otherwise create new free Google account.
  3. Follow the next steps that will take you to blogger home
  4. Click on  new blog
  5. Give your blog a title and address. example: title: "My News Arena" address:

Remember your address is the url that people will enter to their browser that will lead them to your blog, make sure it is unique and easy to remember. The example url above will be reach at ""

    Remember your address is the url that people will enter to their browser that will lead them to your blog, make sure it is unique and easy to remember. The example url above will be reach at "".

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    Are you concerned about the ""Am sorry to break it to you that you'll be using the free (.blogspot) domain for now so any address you chose will be "" I will be telling you how to change this to normal web address like "" in the near future.

    Now that you've created your first blog, to test if this is working you can enter your address into any browser, but remember to put the ".blogspot" subdomain in the browser address bar. You can see that there is nothing there, don't worry its because you've not post anything there.

    So get yourself to work, start writing quality contents and publish them to the web, remember quality content is king in blogosphere, create quality contents and believe me people will come to your site to read and learn.

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    Note; there are some blogger settings which are not included in this post because I don't want to bore my readers with those settings, but don't worry the more you use your blog the more you'll get familiar with those settings but I promise to include full blog setup in my upcoming free Ebook: titled "A-Z Full guide to Blog setup and how you can make money from it".

    Well I think I've mentioned all what I think its necessary, if by any chance you feel you run into some issues don't hesitate to leave your comment below, and I will reply you immediately with necessary steps to take.


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