Blackberry Vs iPhone: Reason I Preferred Blackberry

When it comes to choosing Smartphone anybody has its choice to choose whats better and suite its tastes, people mostly choose smartphones in respect of their price (you buy what you can afford), Besides, battery life shouldn't be your top priority when choosing a smartphone. Indeed, there are plenty of USB batteries around which will give your handset some extra juice on the move, but if the price is left out it only remain  Smartphone's features! I love playing Games I buy Smartphone which will allow me to play different games, you love to take Shots you bought  a smartphone with best digital output, no matter how smart your phone is you cant find the best you need in it, you will still have other smartphone which has one of the best features you might want to have in your own, I believe this is the reason why some people use more than one smartphones. I will not debate this post as the title may implies, but i will give reason why you might be using one and why I like to Use one than the other.

Reasons You're Using Iphone


The way iPhones are built in, it accept full customization to your taste, that is, it lets you adjust the settings to suite your tastes, though not unlimited customization in respect to some androids but it support enough customization that blackberry never will, and in addition you got the chance to tweak your iPhone by Jail-breaking it, a process which apple never intends to happen.


Anyone who has ever used a Smartphone will know that iOS is tough to beat when it comes to the availability of apps. Games, Travels, Sports, Instant Messaging and many more of application can be found on iPhone Application store, right Blackberry also have apps store and uniquely, Blackberry have a widely use Instant Messaging application the BBM which also increase its user widely but there are more Better Chat Applications than the BBM  . if you love to enjoy games with best output display iPhone is the best for your choice.

A Reason I prefer Blackberry

Okay here comes my reason, as much as I love iPhone if I had to choose between iPhone and Blackberry, I wouldn't hesitate to choose Blackberry only because of the BIS, because I  love internet, I embrace Web I can stay all day surfing the web even without eating and i wouldn't even know I haven't eaten, but one of the greatest obstacle to enjoy what I love doing most is the Internet connectivity, if you are living in an area where you get full access to Internet at free or low cost, you may not understand my reason, but if you live in an area where Internet connectivity is high or not even available at all times you may understand me better, with BIS i can stay connected as much as i want and surf the web the way I want, not being cautions of my data, can download as much as i want, and even can Use My BIS Plan on my PC if my Phone is kinda Boring (as it is sometimes), and I believe this is a very good reason why some people still using Blackberry phones if not for the BBM.

Am not saying Blackberry is better than iPhone as many of people will argue to this statement that's reason i gave my only reason i prefer Blackberry to iPhone, if you ask around those using Blackberry that "what's Their Next Smartphone" you will get iPhone as responses, some internet provider are making efforts all day for the IIS iPhone Internet Subscription similar to the BIS Blackberry Internet Subscription, this remain a rumor though but until then am sticking to Blackberry.

I like to hear people opinion on this post...lets me know which Smartphone you prefer most Between Blackberry and iPhone and post your reasons in the comment box below.


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