3 Keyboard Shortcuts to Open Control Panel in Window 8

With any Operating System the best way to tweak System Setting is to do it in Control Panel, even if the computer is malfunctioning before you can determine what to do or where to focus your troubleshooting to, I bet you'd firstly looked up to control panel and check if your power option, installed programs, user account settings, Display Settings, Folder options, Date and Time settings, Network and sharing Settings, Internet options are working perfectly, and many more of these settings are included in the control panel. In the Good Old Days with Window 7, one can simply click on the Start Button and select control panel from the start menu, but the process not clearly straightforward and more complex as the path to Start-Button in Window 8 does not exist.

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In Window 8 there a Lots of Keyboard Shortcuts which give you quick access to some long-way systems features that require you to perform many tapping and swiping before you will finally reach your destination, one of this long-away features is Control Panel. Because from the desktop view, these actions are not available but thankfully there are three keyboard shortcuts that will grant you quick  access to the control panel.

1. Pres Window Key and X key: pressing this will open admin menu in the lower right corner of the screen with Control Panel listed among its options and other options as well (like the power options).

How to Open Control Panel in Window 8: KUlhead Blog

2. Press Window  - I: To open the Settings menu of the charms bar on the right edge of the screen, with, yes, the Control Panel as one of its options.

www.kulhead.blogspot.com How to Open control Panel in Window 8

3. Pres Windows-R to open the run command window and enter Control Panel.

 But if you don't want to use Keyboard Shortcuts or you are using tablets, you will need to perform some tapping, from tiled start screen, swipe up from the bottom edge of your screen and tap the all apps button in the resulting menu bar, from here you can swipe your way left from the last grouping under the Window System subhead and choose "Control Panel" alternatively, from the start Screen you can start typing "Control Panel" to search for the term.



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