How to Add New StartButton to Window 8


Personally, i have not started using the new window 8, but i've set it up for a customer, i tried as much as possible to compare it to window 7, there are many differences as you know, but my focus was not on the newly added features i was interested what's in window 7 and not in window 8, i found some, but one thing i hated most is the start and menu button, i ask myself "why the hell they did not put the start button"? i cant say they made mistake! though, am confused , If you're also among the bewildered users who would love to overturn that decision, good news is that i'd found a way you can just add a Start button for yourself through a third-party utility like Chromium-based Torch.

here is how:


Download Windows 8 Start Button

On Window 8 start page click on the IE Tile , visit window8 StartButton web page, then click on the link button "Dowload Now Win8 StartButton" choose "Run" when the dialog box opens, allow the download to take place, when the  User Account dialog box opens and asks you if you want to let Window 8 StartButton make changes to your PC choose "YES".

Nest step is to select custom Installation radio button and choose the windows start button and start menu in a Window 7 theme which  is the first option. T.N: ignore any options like Touch browser and Media Player for now, those options will install add-ons.

after the install process is completed, select Finish and your new Start button will pop into its common corner (bottom-left) on the Desktop, the New Win8 Startbutton does not appear on the Window 8's Start page, that's the page with all the tiles. the button lives on the Desktop page. reboot your PC and click on the Desktop tile on Desktop page on the initial Window 8 start page.

you can then customize the button and menu settings by clicking on the new start button and choosing Settings and the Classic Start Menu, select all the settings radio button rather thatn the Basic Setting Button, then choose the Context Menu tab to change between Window Classic, Window Xp and Window 7 styles. choose Customize start Menu and drag from available commands to current menu items all items you'd like to see immediately when you press the Start button. available commands includes like program & features, and printers. Other settings include language, search box, menu look, sound and general behavior options
note that Win8 Startbutton also creates its own tile on the Window 8 Start page that you can click to launch the settings for the classic start menu on the your desktop

you can as well of course uninstall Win8 StartButton if you decide to embrace the Window 8 users interface and its lack of Startbutton browse to the Window control panel from the start button and choose program and Features. double-click on Classic Shell and choose Uninstall option, confirm that you require the program to be removed and allow the removal to complete.

This tutorial is written by Thundey Harwall, with help from CNET Web if there is a piece of Tech, gadget,  you'd like to know how to operate properly, is there a Trick that got you puzzled, feel free to send your Tech question/issues to Thundey Harwall, i will try as many as possible to answer em.


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