Tips on How to Write Blog Posts Regularly (NewBies)

With These Blogging Tips am gonna tell you some reasons why you find it difficult to write good posts, as a starter blogger, all what got rolling in your mind is how you gonna find posts, i mean POST, you want to see your page rolling out with new updates every day? Now you are asking blog pros on how you can get posts to write, you dont wanna do copycat (copy other person's content), i felt same way too when i started  wait here i dont do copycat, i dont understand why someone would stumble upon another person's post as its own, is not in my style maybe that's reason i dont understand the reason. When i started blogging (not a long time though) am very much happy when i publish my first post, am sure you also feel the same, but days will come when there will be no post to write, then you are frustrated and annoyed!!!?


Before you start this blogging life, you should first know that blogging is not just a way of sharing BOMBs and Jargons to the internet, is a way of sharing, enlighten, communicate with people with what you know the Best! i mean what you know more about, it can be anything!, as its something you had interest in and you know it more than anything, there are many things you should not write blog about, religion, culture, etc are no, no, no for a blogger, but there are quite many things you can direct your blogs to, you dont expect a footballer to start blogging on Basketball, (they are in the same field but not the same course), this affect many starter bloggers most, as they will find it more difficult to write/share something about.

 The second and most important thing is to make reading and writing your best and special attitude to be a good blogger is to be a killing writer, what you know is what you will write down, and what you read and see is what you know, read many blogs, newspapers, listening to news, (of course related to your field), it will help have knowledge about what they are writing, know their writing skills how they communicate with readers, all these will help you build yourself and stands out as you yourself will not know where the topics are coming from. t go along anywhere with your writing materials, write down all what you see around you, even if they meant nothing to you.

Be determined and focused, get yourself together, evaluate time for yourself, be prayerful, dont get greedy, and dont expect to be a billionaire in a day, if you can work hard your ass and do your best i can bet it you will make much in your blogosphere life. these tips are only based on my intelligent and what is working for me, got any working tips on this topic drop them in comment box below.


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