How to Link Facebook and Twitter Accounts Together

Every one know Facebook is really widely use social network and its easy to get more friend and socialize with them than Twitter, Twitter where you can only follow users and if they like they might follow you back and for many reasons they might not follow back, this is reason I believe Facebook has many users than twitter, Twitter tends to increase its user widely and allow users on twitter to connect their twitter account to Facebook, this is a wise step to take. how to link Facebook to Twitter

Most users except those incurably addicted to twitter dont use Twitter often (I also included) because of its boring (yeah i called it boring) features like: limited tweets words, follow and no follow back, live chats to mention just few but rather stick to Facebook to enjoy cool features like tagging, unlimited status updates space, live chats, easy to use to mention just few too, but wait here what you said if you can connect your Facebook to twitter?  share status updates to twitter, Facebook links and events to twitter??

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okay! good or bad here is how to do it

  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. Click on account settings
  3. Click on followers and turn it on
  4. Click edit on twitter tab at the bottom
  5. Click link profile to twitter
  6. Authorize twitter app
  7. are

You can also as well connect your fans pages to twitter just click on edit setting

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If you also want to connect your twitter to Facebook so that your tweets will show on Facebook , follow me:

  1. Login to your Twitter and Facebook accounts
  2. Click on the setting tab (the gear like icon)  (on Twitter)
  3. Click on profile tab
  4. Scroll down to link your Twitter to Facebook


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