5 Best Android Applications For Bloggers

Using a Smartphone has gone beyond only Making Calls, Chatting and Installing an  Application has gone far beyond only to Play Games, You can turn your smartphone to money making machine and  increase your  income both online and offline. As a blogger or publisher it is important for you to stay connected and updated your reader with the latest  trend in your niche and in blogosphere, to do this you must browse through internet and socialize online for a long period of time, the most frustrating part of it is to use desktop for surfing the web, many bloggers has suffered many kinds of diseases or infections through their long time looking at monitor screens, some lost sight and some get eyes problem.

I experience this a while ago when I stay up to 18 hours per day for like 1+ year, First sign I discovered is headache, later to eyes problem, I was diagnosed and Doctor advised to reduced the time i spent looking at Computer Monitor in other to Avoid quick blindness. It was hard in the beginning to get used to it, (since I was addicted to it)  but when all hope seems lost, My smartphone really help me out, we are mobile Now, but fortunately we carry a computer with us anywhere we go (a smartphone). If you are an Android user I will share with you some application that will make your life easier and healthier as a blogger.

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best android application for bloggers:www.kulhead.blogspot.com

Blogger App for Android

With no doubt Blogger is one of the most used platform for blogging, installing the Android Blogger App can make your Blogging experience a wonderful one, with this app you can compose posts and saved it to draft and publish it anytime you want, add label and switch blog accounts if you have more than a blog, add location information and do many more, Kudos to Blogger for creating such Mobile Friendly application.

Wordpress App for Android

This App is most useful if you are using Wordpress Platform (the Most Popular Blogging Platform), you can use this application to get easy and direct access to your Wordpress Control Panel, it also lets you perform  many important tasks like adding and editing photos, moderating comments, compose and publish posts easily from your smartphone!

Google Reader For Android

As a Pro Blogger you must learn from other Bloggers by reading their blogs, one of the successful way to stay up to date with your favorite blogs is to subscribe to their updates and this Google reader app make that just easy, it lets you follow your favourite blogs all in one place and sync across all your device, so that your reading lists are always up to date.

Google Analytics App
This is one of the most useful app for bloggers who love to track their blog stats,  this app make it quick and easy for you to check your real time statistics, visitors location, check page views, traffic source, and entry, It shows what is important and new on your blog, enjoy customizable dashboard and intelligence events on your phone

Writer App

This is a writing application that lets your draft post and updates, and copy-paste it later even without internet connection! if you want to focus on writing and nothing else just open this application whenever you are in your writing mood and experience perfect writing experience without the fuss and distraction of traditional  word processor. happy writing.......

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If you have a reason to believe that this post is missing any app, make sure to suggest it with a comment below and if you have been using any of the above listed apps, its good to share your experiences and recommendations. A courage strains after the corpse.


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