Computer Security: How To Keep Your Computer Safe

Computer security is very essential; Computer is where personal data are stored. Business info, account details, credit card details, and many more confidential details are also kept save in the Computer, getting your computer unprotected is the last thing you should ever dream of, if you rarely connect to internet with your computer then when talking about computer security then you may stand with both feet on the ground, but if you always connect to internet with your computer and share files with other people or allow other people to use your computer, then you should protect your computer more protected than devil bedroom. If your PC is not secure enough means you deliberately allow other people to (or better computer criminals) gain access to your computer and invade your personal and “hush-hush”.  These hackers can break in to your computer directly through internet and steal your personal details or by creating malicious software to harm your computer.

but if you always connect to internet with your computer and share files with other people or allow other people to use your computer, then you should protect your computer more secure than devil bedroom.

Basic Computer and Internet Protection Tips

Luckily, there are simple and easy steps you can take to protect your computer and ensure Internet Security by taking some simple safety measure, How to Secure Your PC? what are these precautions?  I’ve explained more about this topic as a guest post for, you might do well by reading the article about simple ways to Secure your computer.

Nevertheless, the main Tips to protect your computer are:

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Use firewall

A firewall is software that checks for information coming from the internet to your computer, one of the easiest way viruses and other malicious files creep-into your computer is due to deadly information coming from internet to your computer. The best way to prevent this is to set your firewall to block those harmful programs and information from passing through to your computer. In simple words, a firewall helps prevent hackers and malicious software from gaining access to your Computer. Windows firewall is already built into windows and this is turned on automatically, anyway there is still some software you can use as additional firewall.

Use antivirus

Viruses, Trojans, works are malicious programs built by hackers to infect vulnerable computers,  virus can be share from one computer to another by the means of removable devices like USB, Memory Cards, Disk, etc. but there are some good antivirus that prevent such malicious program from harming your computer both from internet and removable devices infections.

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These antivirus programs scan and delete any suspected dangerous files or programs on your computer, they also warn against coming worms or infection and suggest best actions to take.

Secure Browsing

To keep yourself safe from prying eyes over the internet, you should know how to cover your tracks while surfing the internet, do you want to know how to browse securely and anonymously? Then you must read “5 ways to browse securely and anonymously”.

Use a standard user account

You can control ways each user control your computer by using user account, when you log on to Windows, it grants you a certain level of operation depending on kin of user account you have, there are generally three types of user account, standard, administrator and guest. Administrator account have complete control over a computer, by using  a standard account can prevent your computer from hackers to gain access to your computer while you are logged on, thereby secure your computer.  They can’t compromise your security settings or modify user account settings, always use password to protect your user account. Especially administrator account.

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Use Common Sense

Computer Security threats are very wide and the line of attack change from time to time, the most effective way to keep yourself safe from computer security infiltration is to use your common sense by:

  • Don’t reply to attachment that ask for your login details.
  • Don’t open unknown format files.
  • Keep your antivirus updated.
  • Keep your windows updated.
  • Always use window backup.
  • Make use of cloud storage.

I think I’ve come to the end of discussion about Information on computer Security and precautions to take, but definitely this is not the last articles on our computer security tips, there are many more to share in the near future, you can get this first hand in your mail by just subscribe to our updates for free, As always I will like readers to suggest more ways to keep one computer save and secure by using the comment box below.


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