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This is a guest post written by Tech Greek For
It’s no insider’s secret anymore, its now obvious that the future is definitely on the clouds. Software Executives even argue that in a few years time desktops will be totally irrelevant. That’s why many companies are bringing up new ideas trying to develop their dynamic. Reinforcing the online storage cloud with other services -like downloading e.g.-all these new cloud services sites try not only to be a part of this future, they try to put their own stamp on it. We have taken two different sites that aim to “change the way we store” and put them into the test.The first is ,the strong and rapidly rising and the other one is to see which one prevails.

Let’s start our vs putdrive Report:

What is the GlobalIdea behind and is a cloud-based solution for fetching, housing and streaming files from the Internet. In other words, instead of downloading files to your desktop, you can "download" them to where you can access and stream them from any device that has a browser (desktop, laptops, iPads, mobile phones and gaming consoles).

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So…Which one stands out and Why ?
  • The Hoster Factor is giving you the unique opportunity to download as Premium from 85 different File Hosters ! This saves the user a lot of money and time, and therefore gets its first one Point compared to

  • Unlimited Bandwidth offers unlimited bandwidth with its paid plans but if you look at you will see that they also offer Unlimited Bandwidth to their clients under their Fair Use Policy.
So,as far as the unlimited bandwidth is concerned, there is a tie between and
And the score continues in favor of putdrive.


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  • Unlimited number of concurrent torrent slots. 

In speed manners, both (putdrive and put) do quite well, as both sites download Torrents, and both sites and they do it really fast.Some users describe it like that: “it’s like downloading with a Ferrari”. But, if we must pick a winner in this, that is which offers the user unlimited concurrent torrent slots instead of 1, when on the other hand, offers just 15 instead of one. Plus one point for Putdrive.

  • Both sites convert video file to MP4.

Both sites let you convert your video files to the mobile-friendly MP4 format for mobile consumption. This way you can enjoy media wherever you are: on your mobile, TV, tablet etc. So, this is also a tie.

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  • Shared folders has one strong feature though and that is the ability of supporting shared folders. Users can share their media library with their friends and reap the benefits of accessing their friends' shared libraries as well. So this gives one point.

  •  Prices& Free plans. 

Bothsites offer different pricing plans and therefore cannot be easily compared. The important thing is that offers the unique 100 GB Free Storage at OziBox (an independent cloud cooperating with Putdrive) and unlimited traffic for 30, 90 or 180 days subscription plan, where has a 3 day Free Trial, but next to that states :“Free Plan? Sorry we are Full”... So the point here goes to once more.
After careful consideration we have reached a Verdict.
Well, we must admit that both sites are unique, based on amazing new ideas and will definitely make the life of many users happier… They both contribute in a positive way to the industry of cloud computing offering unique but also similar services. This is why we cannot compare them in all fields 100%.

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What we “can” do is to take into consideration the previous factors that we have put under the microscope in order to decide which one makes our glorious winner.

So..with a score 3– 1 in the battle of vs, Putdrive is the great winner of this challenge.

We simply think that the 85Hostersand the 100 GB Storage that offers for free and the unlimited number of concurrent torrent slots are things too valuable to ignore- don’t you think?

Closing this article, I must say that both sites are a true indication of where the future of clouds is heading to and it won’t be a surprise if we see many others copying them in the near future…  

This is a guest post written by Tech Greek For


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