Cheap Tecno Android Phones Less than $100 in Nigeria

Cheap Tecno Android Phones Less than $100 in Nigeria

I don’t know what the next future may bring but I believe Tecno Mobile are growing wings in Mobile Market in Nigeria, many users are now dropping Nokia for Tecno and you really want to know why? These are: Best Operating System, many devices better performance and of course Cheaper prices. Tecno Mobiles are in three words “Plan-spender’s choice”. If you’re on budget let say under $100 and you still want to buy a good Smartphone that will do what is expected from a Smartphone to do like running applications, attractive picture capturing, web browsing and enough memory space, then definitely Tecno Mobiles are your best choice. Below I will do a quick review of amazing and cheap Android Tecno Phones so that you won’t be in any confusion when you walk-into any Phone store to buy your Phone.

Below I will do a quick review of amazing and cheap Android Tecno Phones so that you won’t be in any confusion when you walk-into any Phone store to buy your Phone.

TECNO L3 (Price: 14, 500 Naira)

I’ve once review this Phone and because of personal love I have for this phone I just can’t but make it number one on my list, the fact that it runs on Android  4.1 and dual core processor make it astonishing! It features 4GB of ROM and is also expandable to 32GB, the camera is a winner with 3.0MP back and 0.3MP front, let me tell you a ‘genuine lie’ did you see a huge difference between Tecno L3 and Samsung Galaxy SII except for the steep price? (ha ha!).

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 TECNO P3 (Price: 16, 500 Naira)

Tecno P3 comes with replaceable plastic display that run on Android 2.3, battery type: BL-4E(1400mAh) with 512 RAM & ROM, external memory expandable up to 32GB, support 3G, Edge and GPRS , also just like D3 it also equipped with 1 GHz CPU processor, you can enjoy Pre-install applications such as Facebook, Gmail, Opera Mini, Google Maps and its dual SIM standby.

TECNO D5 (Price: 15, 500 Naira)

The long design of Tecno D5 make it captivating and attractive, its well built with 4.0 inch CTS of 480*800 (WVGA), it also comes with magnificent 1 GHz CPU processor, support picture format of PNG, GIF and BMP with Dual Camera and Flash (back only), it also run on Android 4.0 for users to enjoy all the benefit of Android platform such as, fast browsing, Gmail, Google play, Google Maps, Facebook and many more.

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TECNO D3 (Price: 13, 200 Naira)

Tecno D3 was equipped with 1 GHz processor, it let you enjoy all the features of Android Platforms, and specially designed for all and sundry who are chasing after the smart life. It run on Android 2.3, battery capacity around 1450mAh, it support multimedia, Java, WiFi/Wlan, Bluetooth, and Dual camera is also supported.

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TECNO N3 (Price: 13, 000 Naira)

Tecno N3 bring out the new smart life with faster download and WiFi connectivity, it also run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread Operating System with 2G/3G and GPRS network connection and with a single core CPU of 1GHz frequency, you can choose between black, white and yellow colors, you can enjoy other features such as Facebook, Gmail, Google Play, Google Maps, Music and Videos, Fast browsing and smart photo capturing.

At last we’ve came to conclusion on the best and cheap Smartphone under $1oo, it’s now your choice (or your pocket’s) to choose from any of the above phones, to enjoy the most benefit Tecno Mobile bring to Mobile World.

All the  prices I mentioned are vary with time and location, you may find the prices lesser or higher than listed prices, don’t say Kulhead say ….and……, for any  more info on any of the phones don’t  dilly-dally or shilly-shally to let me know in the comment box below


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