Control and Access Computers Online With These Remote Access Tools

Remotely control any computers simply means to access and use the computer from another computer in another location as if you were sitting right in front of the screen and holding the mouse! There are dozens of reasons why you’d want to access another computer remotely; maybe your friend asked you to help remove a stubborn antivirus from their computers or have you ever asked to provide spur-of-the-moment supports on your friend’s PC? That’s the right moment when remote control access burst into flames.

Remotely control any computers simply means to access and use the computer from another computer in another location as if you were sitting right in front of the screen and holding the mouse!

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Maybe you still don’t get it, recently I wanted a friend to help me made some modifications on my laptop, but when he’s available; I’ll not be, one day he suggest that will use remote control access, I asked how? He said he’ll access and control my computer and do the settings whether am available or not as long as my laptop is connected and all I have to do is “to watch his mouse moving around on my screen” and by teamviewer grace we got it done real fast. The following are the list of remote access tools to use to access and control computers online but me and my friend really use TeamViewer.


TeamViewer is an all in one software for remote support and online meeting, we used this because it is very fast  and efficient and I can strongly recommend it, apart from remote accessing there is file transfer feature to easily move or copy entire folders or files to and from the remote computer or simply use drag & drop features for more convenience. To use TeamViewer all you have to do is to install the software on your computer and ask the other users to install it too if they haven’t before, after installation TeamViewer will automatically generate user id and password this is the details you will use to access the other computer, remember both computers must be connected to the internet.

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This is another good tool to remotely control computers over the internet which is also fast and secured with 256-bit SSL encryption for all connections. With LogmeIn you can remotely start a sleeping computer from home or office and get your work done as fast as possible without take the trouble of going to home or office to access your computer just like TeamViewer it also support file transfer and sharing.


Radmin make connection and accessing local and remote computers very easy, to get started with radmin, you need to download and install Radmin Server on the remote PC then Download and install Radmin Viewer on the local PC, the next step is to configure radmin server on the remote pc, Right Click on the Radmin Server tray icon and choose "Settings For Radmin Server". Select the "Permissions" button to set the password for network access to the Radmin Server. You must know the IP address of your remote computer. To know it move your mouse pointer over the Radmin Server tray icon. It will show you the IP address. Now your Radmin Server is ready for starting the remote access connection.
After this you just need to run radmin viewer on the local computer and create new connection by entering the ip address of the remote computer, select your connection type and connect, enter your already set password on the remote pc and start enjoying working remotely.

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Other Remote Access Software or Tools

The following are still better remote access tools you can use to control and access computers or mobile devices over the internet, if the above tools aren’t suite your taste, you can consider checking these out.

To enjoy most out of these remote access tools I suggest you buy their app if you’re well off and if you’re just hanging in there, there is free trial for 30 days available for all the apps. I will be glad if you can help expand the list more by suggesting remote access tools you’ve used and enjoyed and tell us about your experience.


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