Questioning why your website visitors are not coming back to your site? You may notice a high improvement on your site bounce rate like 80% and number of returning visitors has been dropping off, this simply means that your blog visitors are visiting one time but they are not coming back again. Don’t go too far, I have frank but best answers to your question, there are very strong and specific reasons why visitors are not revisiting your website, some of which I’ll be sharing with you today.  I managed to pull this list out from an interview with a No-Nonsense reader. Below are the reasons Mr. No Nonsense Give.

 this simply means that your blog visitors are visiting one time but they are not coming back again. Don’t go too far, I have frank but best answers to your question, there are very strong and specific reasons why visitors are not revisiting your website

Fake Content

Your articles aren't genuine it has been already posted on another website, they're just fake, and why would I come back to your site when I know I'll still read your fake contents? I can’t follow or read articles by Copy and Paste Blogger.

Typographical Errors

I know every writer are guilty of typographical errors in one way or the other, but yours is extra ordinary; there is typo error from first paragraph till last, I don’t even understand what am reading, sure am not going back to such site again.

Your Mobile Version Sucks!

I have never enjoyed visiting your site on mobile; it just sucks like sucks! You don’t have mobile version of your site which make it crawling like snail, How many time do I have to wait for your site to be fully loaded on mobile, perhaps I would rather stop visiting!

Virus Infection

Your site is infected and anytime I visited your site my Computer suffer virus infection, I can’t tolerate to compromise my computer just because I want to visit your site! When I know I can read what you got on another thousands of sites even more better, why you don’t take some time to figure out what’s causing this on your site? I don’t think you expect me to come back to your site to get infected…lol you must be joking!

Frustrated Pop Ups

The very first time I visited your site I was welcomed by your annoying pop up, must I like your fan page by force? And pls you don’t have to tell me to subscribe to your updates or follow you, I’ll do that when I know your contents and writing skills really worth it and without you hacking me off to do so, you don’t even let me go in peace your pop up still holding me off to subscribe...coming back? Don’t even dream of it. NEVER!

Too Many Ads

Too much of every thing is bad as they said, remember that your readers didn't come to your site to see or click your ads, they are there to read your interesting posts but what I see here is just a site full of ads and there is no single page without ads. I know of course that you're making some revenue with those ads but try to reduce this before you started losing readers, especially ads that doesn't open in new tab--Like Google ads.

Slow Loading

Let me understand this, why is it only your site took eternity to load? I have been loading your site for past few minutes now and the loading icon doesn’t stop rolling....oh! I have almost exhausted all my internet subscription on your site, you think I’m coming back....far from it!

Dead, Redirect & Affiliated links

Why all these links are dead? Who killed them anyway? If you are just setting up your site this is tolerable but it has been awhile since all these links stopped working. Besides many links I clicked from your posts sometimes lead to nowhere or I ended up redirected to affiliated website. I understand if you’re into affiliated business, but do it in a polite way, let we (your readers) know an affiliated links from normal links. I was afraid one day you’ll redirect me to heaven (just saying). Sucks; you don’t even setup error 404.

No Updates

Yesterday and today same story, when will you have something new? Please just give me a reason I should come back to your site tomorrow? because I know I will still met the old articles I have read countless of time, I must tell you that your site is loosing reputation when you ceased to update, you're loosing readers when you stopped updating and this also means you're dying as a blogger, no one will revisit your blog ever again.

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Bad Design

It is not really easy to navigate around your site, am having a hard time locating some specific posts. Wait; How can I deal with a baby dancing around your site? If you don’t know how to design a website there are professional web designers that can design your website in a standard and remarkable way. Or are you drawing back because you don’t want to spend extra cash? Then you will risk loosing a reader like me.

No Site Logo

No favicon? No Site Logo?  One thing I first felt in love in a site is favicon and site logo? Don’t you know the importance of site logo? An attractive logo design makes a difference between a trusted site and a faceless one. I don’t understand why you would design your website without logo or favicon? I may stop visiting a site just because of this.

Small Font Size

I know you wont believe me if I said this, but I don’t really like giving your contents  the once-over before I can clearly read what you posted, I think to increase the font size of your posts doesn’t take a minutes job, its what you can get done within some seconds. Why the hell did you still keeping up with those microscopic texts?

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Disclaimer: "My reasons are not intended to catch up any person or blog, if any reasons on the list touch or pertains to you, you can either fix it or ignore it, am just a reader out of millions......Mr. No Nonsense".

To be factual, those stated above reasons are hard to pass by, but if we can take a deep look into them we will discover how they really affect site traffic, though there is still much to mention maybe in my next post I will share more on what me and Mr No Nonsense discussed. Am sure you will have your reasons too which I will be glad if you can share them with me in the comment box below.


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