Blogging Challenges That May Force You to Quit Blogging

Life made us to live with challenges; because challenges are what make us stronger, the more challenges we faced and conquered it the more we grow intellectually, in fact there is no success in life that doesn’t bring out its own challenges, the case is unchanged in blogosphere and any other online business, challenges has made some people to quit blogging before reaping the fruits of their labor. Meanwhile I have identified some blogging challenges you may be facing and those that you’re likely to face and I will be glad if we can go through them one after the other. Remembered the old saying that "knowing the challenges you're going to face is half conquered it".

challenges has made some people to quit blogging before reaping the fruits of their labor. Meanwhile I have identified some blogging challenges you may be facing and those that you’re likely to face

These are the Blogging Challenge That May Make You Stop Blogging

Low Traffic

The very first challenge you will face as a new blogger is low traffic, I must tell you that some bloggers break off with blogging only because of this reason, I may call this an “expected challenge” because you don’t expect to create a blog today and started having thousands of page views, does that really possible? NO "Rome doesn't build in a day" but with great contents, consistency and hard work I know you will surely get load of traffic.

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No Comment, No Share

If you just started blogging, you may be wondering why you don’t have any comment despite writing good, quality and interesting post. And why some with low quality post are having thousands of comments? I understand how you may feel about this and that's a good feeling!, but come! if that push you to quit blogging you just made it worse, and besides have you tried commenting on other blogs? Do you always leave room for comments on every post you write? Ever tried asking your readers to share their opinions about your post they just read? Is your site design support easy commenting? Those are the top tips that can get you load of comments on every post you write.

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Low Ranking

It just like "a bolt from the blue" when you noticed sites with poor design and low quality contents ranking high in search engines, while yours crawling at their back. If you're really serious about blogging, then you'll understand what am saying about low ranking being one of the blogging challenge, but really you dont need to be bothered with these and going to the extent of quit blogging just because of this. Those fake and low quality contents ranking high in Search Engine was due to blackhat Search Engine Optimization they are involved in and good news they will never stay longer there especially when Google release their shocking Penguin and Panda updates that will chase away those blackhat SEO from search engine.

Low or No Earning

Have heard that low or no earning has caused some people to stop blogging, or are you also planning of quitting blogging just because you've not earn a dime? I don’t need to tell you what most bloggers are earning monthly, you've already know about this, they manage to pull this off just because they forget about quitting, which am urging you to do too, no one will tell you he/she has never experienced low earning, though its troubling when it’s a while you’ve been doing this and yet never make any money online,  but there is time for everything, I will suggest you focus more on writing quality posts, don’t just focus only on blogging, create products or services and believe me you will live more day with more dollars.

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Lack of Support

Lack of support contribute to challenges that make lots of blogger quit blogging, though to be in normal sense being a blogger doesn't need all supports, but little support is appreciated but what happens when someone to give support turned you down? You feel like ending everything right away, wait my friend your quitting is what they want and you don’t really need to give in to them, be hard working even when there is no one to support you, no one to help you with internet subscription, no one to help you with finance, most of all you will still face lack of support when they started discouraging you, telling you to stop wasting your time online publishing rubbish, you may wait a while to ask yourself if truly you’re posting rubbish? Don’t let those discouragement crash you down, start believing in yourself, trust your blog and what you share. With time your success will be right at your door.

Bad Hosting

If you're a stylish Blogger, there is no way you wont face some challenges with your hosting company no matter how perfect you are. You can woke up one day to find your site reporting server error when you're trying to visit it, this may be frustrating and difficult to tolerate, but did you really have something to do than break up with them and find another better hosting? don't let any bad hosting company destroy what you're planning to achieve, seek the help of professional on best hosting company and don't mind throwing extra cash for the best hosting company.

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I have explained some challenges you may face and how to overcome them, don’t let any physical or  mental challenges to stop you from achieving your greatness, write more, be focus, believe in yourself and with these, trust me one day you will have a success story to tell.

Of course I know I don’t cover all the challenges or you forgot about low ranking? (you might have been thinking about that) but because I know you’ll love to share yours with me, my comment box is set below to receive your Blogging Challenge Ideas


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