Should You Buy Samsung Galaxy SIV Or Galaxy SIV Mini?

On June 20 Samsung Mobile plan to reveal its new Galaxy S IV Mini a twin identical to Galaxy SIV, many people have been rumored about the existence of this GS4 Mini, I guess this made Samsung to come out loud and reveal the releasing of the Mini, if you're stuck with giant look of Galaxy SIV or you can't even afford to buy one because of the high price this Galaxy GS4 Mini might be best option to go for, you doubted that? lets see what the Mini will bring.

On June 20 Samsung Mobile plan to reveal its new Galaxy S IV Mini a twin identical to Galaxy SIV, m

The Price

According to Samsung which said the new Galaxy SIV will have a stepped- down price compared to its identical brother, definitely the Mini doesn't  throw in the towel of the super-phone's more defining features but obviously there is decrease in specs, muscle and weight compared to its next of skin. In real sense this Mini could be an elevated device which you can maintain without splashing so much money and still enjoy similar experience to the GS4. Though the price is yet to uncover, of course not until its finally rolled out but categorically it will be lower than GS4.

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OS, Features and Performance

Just like GS4, The Mini will also run on Latest Android 4.2.2 Jellybean with a 1.7 Ghz dual-core processor which is the most important thing to consider before buying  the the phone, the Mini will retain its metallic rim and curved perimeter with the same rectangular home button. To even makes its name sounds loud the phone will define its MINI with its short, thick and wide in comparation to its older brother, and without missing out the color it will also comes in black and white versions.

The Difference

The screen quality is the very first thing you will notice about the hardware difference between the both GS4 family, the mini will have 4.3-inch display screen dropping the GS4 5-inch screen but comparable to the iPhone 5 which also have 4-inch screen but weigh 3.77 ounces which will make it lighter than iPhone's 3.95 ounces. Loosing the S4's 13 Meg-pixel the Mini will introduce an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera and 2 Meg-Pixel front-facing camera, come with 8GB internal memory running up to 64GB if user adds an available memory chip.

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Final Say

Many people may say Samsung is just reusing the old GS3 hardware but to look at it in broad way, I think Samsung is one company that understand what customers want and give the choice in their hand, said J.K shin, CEO of Samsung Mobile "we want to give people more choice with Galaxy S4 Mini, for more compact and practical uses"  if the GS4 is too big for you or your pocket to hold, you can easily grab its next of skin and experience slighlty the same performance with even low price as windfall, the power to chose is just in your hand :)

Though Samsung may not only want to satisfy customers, they might also intend to gain more market, look at 10million units of GS4 sold in less than a month? they want to pull off the same thing again and will you tell me other way they can do that except to produce a lesser price and Mini of GS4?

And Lastly Samsung is one of the company that floods the zone with a variety of models and produce a wide range of devices ranging from low-end to its more fashionable Galaxy line unlike iApple who have just little product to offer, one of the reasons Apple iPhone Sucks.

Till June 20 when the Mini will finally rolled out, these are what's at hand now from the Galaxy Family, more updates will be available for the price and further performances of the Mini as soon as its out for sale. However if you want to get the price and other hot details of the Mini in your mail, take a a sec to subscribe to my updates, in the meantime should you go for Samsung GS4 or the GS4 Mini? Share you views using the comment box below.


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