Customize Your Computer with Free Windows Themes

Windows Themes are what makes a Computer appear differently from others, they are hodgepodge of desktop background pictures, windows colors and perhaps sounds, Windows themes can only be used on Window 7 (Home, Premium, Ultimate, Enterprise, and Professional editions), Window RT and Window 8 but if you have a Computer running on Windows Vista or XP you can still use any pictures as desktop background.

To access and change your themes, (on Window 7),  right click on the desktop and choose personalize where you will be taken to My Themes, there you can customize and change the appearance of your computer, perhaps you dont know that there are some hidden regional themes which are not available at My theme when you click on personalize from desktop, let me first show how to access those hidden treasure, oh sorry themes.

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Open your search box, then copy and paste the following path location

In the MCT folder, open the theme folder, there you will find more additional international themes

just double click on the thumbnail to add the theme, or you can as well add all the themes!

Any themes you added there will be available on your my themes section, from there you can use and apply them anytime you want to change your theme

Okay, that went well, now lets take a look at the themes available to download for free.

This theme comes with 17 images of most nice places in Queenstown, New Zealand, the images featured many of  Lake Wakatipu, and end with Shotover River images, these stunning images were captured by Photographer Ian Rushton . 

Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, New Zealand

 The photographer Imran Mizra capture the wold's most celebrated city and produce a dynamic views of some nice places in London, like the London eye, UK Tower Bridge, UK Millennium Bride, Southwark Bridge and some other cool places, this themes consist of 17 beautiful images to fit in your window 7 desktop.

Butterflies of Nagpur 

This is a Free Windows theme consists of 15  picturesque images of Butterflies of Nagpur in India, captured by photographer Mayur Kotlikar, these images of butterfly are beautifully framed by the flowers they're drawn to, this themes are used mostly by the butterfly lovers, are you?

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Ancient Egypt

Get close with the gleaming perfection of motorcycle exhaust components from the mind of Slovenian racer Igor Akrapovic. Used by high performance bikes around the world, and free for the gawking with this Windows theme.

 Do you remember the famous and popular game...ummh the Angry Bird? they have no wings, their eggs have been stolen by pig, yeah! these made them pretty angry, you can enjoy this theme if you're a lover of this game, this theme comes with 5 different images showing the color and mood of the angry birds.

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The free Windows Themes bear the name of the Slovenian race Igor Akrapovic, featured the images of high performance bikes around the world, consist of 10 stunning images.

Best of Bing: China theme

This themes come with the 16 images of natural and unique places in China, the world's most populous country the images featured the sea of reeds, New Years's Eve in Honk Kong, Guangxi Province, The Oldest Tujia house in Zhangijiaji, Spring Festival, Chinese New year, The sky lake and lots more.

Terms of Use

These theme packs contain the intellectual property of Microsoft and other third parties. They are offered for download solely for your own personal use. Any other use, including the redistribution of the theme packs, or any other conduct in contravention of the applicable Terms of Use or End User License Agreement, is prohibited. (credit:

That's it guys, enjoy yourself while downloading these themes and dont forget to share to your friends also, thanks for reading, oh gosh! my neck is aching, I gotta take some nap, see ya....


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