How To Protect and Stop People From Click Bombing Your Adsense

Adsense Click Bombing  is a major threat to all publishers with approved adsense accounts, it is the first causes of getting your adsense account banned at adolescent stage, it’s a pity for an adsense account  that you move heaven and earth and pull out all stops to get approved and still watch it got disabled because someone is click bombing it and you fold up your hands and watch it got  banned without taking any proper action or stop the malicious people from click bombing your adssense, of course you don’t know how to stop the cruel act, because if you do no one will tell you how to raise fits and fight back those people click bombing your adsense, below are some necessary steps you must take to protect and prevent your adsense from getting click bombed.

stop the malicious people from click bombing your adssense

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Before we go, let’s first question what’s adsense click bombing?

Adsense click bombing simply means your ads receive continuous and unusual clicks (usually an abnormal rise in CTR stats) from an angry and malicious people or bots there by sending invalid clicks to your adsense account that will lead to your account getting disabled or banned. If your account is already getting click bombed here are the necessary steps to take from preventing and stop your account from getting banned. 

Check your Adsense Reports Regularly

I know you check your adsense earnings more than you check your traffic status, but don’t check only your earning, you must make sure you check your full adsense reports every time to access all information and reports going on your account, check for daily clicks and where they are coming from, this will give a you a tip-off if there is any invalid clicks or activity going on your account. And if there is one?

Report any Suspicious Activity

Google take invalid clicks very seriously and before you know it, your adsense account is disabled, but before you will get punished for an offense you did not commit, let Google know what’s going on with your adsense by filling an invalid clicks contact form.

monitor you adsense from getting invalid clicks and monitor your adsense stats  and logs.

When filling this form, enter your name, email address, your publisher id, your url and make sure to state the date and time you notice the unusual activity as well as suspicious IP, referrers and any other necessary details. However there is no guaranteed you will be replied back but worth trying.

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 Disable Showing Ads on suspicious IP’s

After you’ve reported the strange activity on your site, don’t just sit back and wait for Google to reply you the truth is they don’t always reply back, you can disable showing ads on suspicious IP address to be on save side, but where there is  a case of random IPs and you aint sure of the IP to disable or there is still continuous click bombing, you can consider disable showing ads on your website just for a while, wait! I know this will decrease your revenue for a while but this is the right action to take to avoid getting disabled or worst banned from the program.

Use These Wordpress Plug-in

There are little Wordpress Plugin that can monitor you adsense from getting invalid clicks and monitor your adsense stats  and logs.

Click bomb protect is a wordpress plugin that protect your google adsense from invalid clicks and getting banned, it worked with any WP themes and very easy, after the installation and activation all you have to do is Put your ads inside 'cbprotect' div. E.g - <div id='cbprotect'>[your adsense or any other alternative ads code block]</div>

This plugin will also disable the ads when the click count reaches a specified number from an IP Address, you can set the pluging to ban the IP and you have the power to unblock any banned IP. Other plugin are Who Sees Ads and Ad Logger

Though you cant really sure if these plugins worked or not because you cant click on your ads but they worth installing anyway.

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Got Disabled? Submit an Appeal

In case your Account got disabled by an invalid clicks or other related issues, don’t be panic, there is still a chance to appeal and Google will reactivated your account, why would they do this? Don’t you think they are also aware of the click bombing activities? Its their job to stop it and re-approved accounts that got disabled through bomb clicking, that’s reason they provide invalid activity appeal form.

In case your Account got disabled by an invalid clicks or other related issues, don’t be panic, there is still a chance to appeal and Google will reactivated your account, why would they do this?

But wait! Let’s face it why do you think your adsense account is really getting click bombing?
Why do you think anyone will click bombed your adsense? Some people are not happy about your success and they can’t sit down and watch you make real money from your online earning, 80% of adsense click bombing are from relatives and friends that you know and as a matter of fact you cause most of it, you ask me how? Yes I will explain, I have seen many adsense publishers just as soon as they got approved by Google, or got paid, check their Facebook timeline, their tweets, their status all they will talk about is “I just got approved by adsense” “today adsense revenue is $80” are you the first person to make money online? Are you the first person to get approved by adsense? Don’t you know there are some angry publishers out there trying thousands of times to get approved by adsnese and all efforts yield bungled, those people cant watch you mocking them with your childish and silly status and believe me they may  try their best to cut you out of the program.

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Not even only people that didn’t got approved by adsense, What about those that got banned just because someone click bombed their adsense, do you think they will watch your adsense to success? Wake up man, ‘Don’t spread all clothes outside, especially new and expensive ones” your adsense account and revenue is something you must be proud off, I’d known some great bloggers that they will never disclose their adsense earnings in any way, and you want to know, they never experienced any kind of adsense click bombing. This is just my advice to you anyway its either you take it or leave it! Is your adsense got click bombed? Disabled? Banned? Please use the comment box below to share you opinions.


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