Getting Started and How to Enable the New Google Hangouts

It is no more a rumor nor tittle-tattle that Google hangout is live and available, in fact it is indeed stand out with its new video chat, many users have been finding their ways to the new app and getting to know it more better, though the new hangout find no much different from the Google Talk app which you can use within Gmail in web based. Google made the app available on iOS and Android as well as PC based.

Getting Started with the new Google Hangout

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The switching on PC based from Gmail is very damn easy all you have to do is wait for the app to dye its own clothe or click on your profile photo from the Google talk chat list, and then select Try the New Hangouts, and the hangouts will instantly replace Talk, it will then walk you through a brief introduction to Google hangout and you are all set up, though if you launch the hangout from Google plus, it may required you to download and install the hangout plugin which take less than 5 minutes to install, once its done you are good to go.

how to enable the google hangout from gmail

The major point about hangout is that every conversations are synced between devices, if you read message on your iPhone or Android phone the notification on your desktop will disappear. Also hangout also have video chatting with users across different platforms, that is android users can have video chat with iphone-owing friends, and this video chat can be had with up to ten contacts at the same time. At the same time all conversation are stored in the cloud and any past conversations, photos can be viewed and can be easily found and shared again or saved on the phone or PC.

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Rather than the contacts list the user interface of Hangouts is made up of lists of conversations, but inside each conversations thread you can know who has read your message or looked at images, as well as see how your contacts are participating, its notification can be snoozed when you prefer to be undisturbed by alters, but the invisible features is not enabled as it is on Google Talk.

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The Installation

The app is available on both apple store and Google play, if you are Android was rooted and cant upgrade using play store, your can try closing close Talk  by force and disable it via Setting>Applications, you can use a root file explorer to delete the Talk.apk from system/app Download Hangouts from the play store

The Bad

Many users have been screaming about the SMS and Audio integration, adding these two will give the app more eye balls and entice more users, but based on my experience with the video, it is very annoying with its crawling this is a trait of many Google apps, just like Google Plus, I hope they make the changes and make it more faster like other apps.

The Bottom Line

The new app worth trying and to be spot on, it’s a good achievement from Google after Whatsapp rejected the offer to buy their app, though many flaws was involved but all these can be removed and updated, many more updates will be available on this post including new features, performances and bugs and I hope the new app finds its way to compete with other messaging apps like whatsapp, iMessage and others.


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