How To Send and Receive Money with Gmail

Google has been hitting really hard on some major aspect of online services recently, did you missed it? they managed recently to offer a music streaming service together with the new Hangout for Android and iOS, and now they are offering a good service to send and receive money online with Gmail, taking part in competition to other major Online Money Transaction Services, particularly Paypal which has almost blacklisted and revoked many countries from using their service, were you not able to open a verify PayPal account? here is the easy way you can send and receive money with Gmail account. This process made use of Google Wallet to send and receive money from your Gmail Web based UI, therefore, you might want to first setup your Google Wallet, Shall we begin?

Google Wallet Setup

  • Visit
  • login with your Google account. 
  • Enter your details as required. 
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If you add a bank account you will be able to transfer any received money from your Google Wallet account into your bank account and if you add a credit or debit card you will be able to send money.

How to send and receive money with gmail

 After successfully creation of your, Wallet account, if you’ve ever purchased with Google wallet, maybe you purchased android apps or anything from play store, the first thing you will see is the transaction history for your Wallet Account, you can also add  another bank account or credit card by clicking payment methods options on the right hand side, follow the prompts to verify your account and have the card added to your account.

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Send and Receive Money

Now that you have setup your google account, and you have a payment method added, now you are ready to send and receive money, assuming your account has access, (if not, kindly ask someone who already has access to send you any small penny and your account will have access to the feature). To send money once you have access, log in to your Gmail account and click on compose, at the bottom you will see a plus symbol that reveals various service – one of which is the option to send money indicated with $ sign. Click on the dollar sign and start the process of attaching money to your e-mail. Enter the amount you’d like to send, and enter the account you’d like to fund the transaction from. Enter the recipient’s e-mail address, then probably a subject and body as you like. When done hit send. The email will be sent to the recipient with attached money.

easy way to send and receive money with gmail from your mail account

Before you can claim funds, you just need to verify you’re real owner of the account, you will be ask some questions, such as your address, and last four digits of your Social Security Number., once the fund is claimed, the money can take up to 24 hours to be made available in your Google Wallet account, from wallet you can do anything with it, spend it through wallet or deposited it in your connected bank account.
This is convenient way of sending and receiving money with now fees of using your Google Wallet balance or when transferring from a linked bank account, now the service is initially rolled out, there is no fee for using a debit or credit card , though the fee may be charged at 30 cents per transaction.

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Secure your account

I don't really need to remind you of your account safety, I know the last thing you'd want is someone to gain access to your e-mail account where they can possibly send money without your notice, I suggest you take the necessary method to keep your account information secured and give unauthorized uses some tough time in accessing your account, by just enabling two-step authentication, then you'll be required to enter your password as well as six-digit code before you can access your account or anyone else. the code can be sent via text message. I think this is good news for every one using Google Account and unable to to get a verified Paypal account, as with time this Google Web money service will be a total substitute to Payapl (if they're not charging high as payapl though), and cosidering they decide to pay Adsense revenue Via Gmail, every one will rush into that, What do you think about it??


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