List of 4 Unique Uses of Computers over Smartphone

Since the introduction of Smartphone it has cover many Computer  powers especially those clunky desktop computers, Smartphone are now consider in usage as we use clothes and shoes, where Computers now turn to dear old daddy, but can Smartphone really be a substitute for Computer? When it comes to computing, does form follow function? If we have to be listing what Computers can do that Smartphone cant, though not much to be listed because Smartphone now have roughly the same computer horsepower but there are some unique uses of Computer over Smartphone, hey!  am not saying what Mobiles can do partially I mean what it can never do, (to appease the purist who will want to say what has already known), you can connect, share, communicate and do more on Smartphone, oh yeah every one knows, but before you can finally make Smartphone a substitute for Computers, you might try to glanced and read through the list below.

#1 Computers are used for Repairing

With many uses of Smartphone I don’t think it can be used for repairing, isn't it? Computers are known since start to do repairing job like repair Mobile Phones, Computers and some other appliances, as long as the right programs are installed, also apart from that, it can also be used to repair other computer tools like Memory Cards, unlocked phones and modems, jailbreak and rooting of mobiles are all unique uses of Computers which you can never achieved using Mobiles 

#2 DVD-CD/ROM/Writer

Talking about uniqueness uses of Computer, DVD or CD can never be over sighed, since scratch it has been made available on all Computers even to the dead and old cousin of Laptops (desktops), anyone with a computer have the ability to perform different things on its DVD/CD ROM such as watching DVD, or CD disk from their Computers, besides you can perform many tasks with this ROM, like write/rip files to CD and DVD, Watch movies, copy from CD and lots more. ever performed that on your Smartphone? Without a Computer no way you can.

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#3 Plug in Devices

In Computing, Plug in Devices like USBs,  Printers, Digital Cameras, Mouse and Keyboard, Network Adapters, Bluetooth, and Network cables are all devices that make the uses of Computer more unique than Mobiles, Mobiles which only have charging and earphone as their main plug in devices. (my assumption)! Functionality of these devices are just moving higher and this make the uses of Smartphone vulnerable, not really saying uses of Smartphone is not wise, but some are going to the extent of replacing Computers with Mobiles which is a nightmare that will never come to pass.

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#4 Designing  &  Editing

Have you ever trying to design on your Mobiles? I mean real design not photo edit & design of course! ummm sucks, with even those design applications out there, yet weren't not in any way be compared to Computer's, with computer you can design anything that related to life and its environment, graphical, digital, web, you can write and edit code which is good for webmasters, Drawing and planning for architect and builders,

This is all I got in stock for today, am sure it worth reading, many more unique uses of computer might be posted in one of my future post, I will implore you not to get this post twisted so I must tell you that the motive of writing this post is an argument started by my friend using tablet saying there is nothing important on Computers that Smartphone cant do, if many others also think about that, this is what this post clearly explained and covered, want to say otherwise  or want to add to my points, Comment box is just right below.


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