Basic Things You Must Know Before Making a Video Post

Appearance shows the manner as they said also have great impact in blogging, Video post has proved to be one of the sure way to reach your readers especially if you're writing tutorial post or creating an explainer video, there are some aspects that text only cant explain that needs appearances and video post is only way to cover such aspects. these I believe this is the reason some blogger are involved in vblogging. As video post is very important it has its bad sides also, if not carefully approach and implemented perfectly you may end up your video post a regretting step, to avoid this here is what you need to know before making your first video post.

before you can make a video post there are what you should know

Right Instruments

Before you can decide to make a video post, you must have the right and best instruments available, using the best quality camera and a professional to operate it can make your ill-shooted video post to be the best ever, I have come across many video post that really good but using wrong instruments seems to spoil the good result of the post. additionally you must prepare the instruments that will describe what you're really talking about and what you are really showing your readers

Video Length

Does video length really matter?? very well it does, dont you think your readers dont have much to do than to watch your 15 minutes of your video post , unnecessary introduction can make your video post time much longer than you expected, a well explained and straight to the point video post with at least 1 minutes is comfortably viewed than longer video, remember you are not making a movie, or are you? try to reduce the length of your video to a minimum time as possible and make sure that the importance of the video is stated first as this sometimes make the viewer to continue watching your video post to see the conclusion of the video...where it ends.

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Video Quality

Video Quality is one of the thing to consider in making a video post, don't tell me you plan to create a post with low quality that the speaker is hardly seen and the whole content blurred? for having the best video output performances you need the best instruments as I explained above, you can also increase the video quality by using nice, clean and descriptive background, and besides set your blog up for the video post by increasing your page load speed,


Making a video posts doesn't say you shouldn't  provide enough Audio to describe what you are showing to your readers, learn how to make yourself clear enough and produce a good Audio output to make your great video post, as soon your reader don't hear what you are saying, believe  me no one want to hear a mute video, all they will do is close the video and move to next don't want that do you?

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As much as I don't know much about video customization and maybe you don't either, but that doesn't mean you cant find help from others who know how to optimize the size of your video to the width of your blog, and perhaps trial and errors might help you to determine exactly what width that best fit your blog, even if you use  the iframe from YouTube or the old embedded code there is always a way to customize the code to best fit your blog.

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That went well, and all am trying to emphasize is that as video post is good and help alots if it is not well used it can cause set back rather than adding value to your blog, OK am I missing something out here?, feel free to tell me using the comment box below.


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