Is Google Plus Fit to be the Next Social Media King?

One of my earlier Post pushed me to write this post, in that post one of our readers post a comment about the next social media king and suggested Google Plus if or after the reigning king Facebook messed anything up, (which they are already started),  I totally concurred with him and my concurrence drag out many inquiries on why I made that reply, i wouldn't want to prolong the short-tailed issues anymore, I think i should discuss my reasons.

google plus the next social media king after facebok
Is the Media Getting Bored?

Back then when Facebook ignited it started perfectly the time when Internet is shedding tears of Media king, here we are living in Facebook era, and we're being ruled by Facebook, but Facebook era seems unlikely to end but  I know this will change at some points in time, to my question is the media getting bored? my answer is not really, but the media need a social network better enough to provide even more better services so that people will leave Facebook not in droves but a little bit at a time, this will happen sooner than most people think, you don't need to be surprised IBM reigned for 40 years, Twitter also had its time, the ancient king Yahoo also used its time, no one will reign forever life changes.

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Google Gives best Service

When we're talking about best services am talking about reputations, Google has earn many internet reputations, mail services, browsers, Operating System, Videos, Business, Search engine, Finance and any other aspect of life, they provide these services with best user satisfaction and still they are still updating and upgrading to ensure even more better services, am sure they will do the same if  the Social media king task is directed to Google plus.

Maximum Privacy

Fake Facebook id’s there are just many of you!, access to private information are easily gained on Facebook One of the Reasons to Deactivate a Facebook Accounts because I cant stand seeing my pictures on Facebook with different name, ummh if you can? Google plus provide maximum privacy with its add to “circles” idea, you can create a circles for only friends and other for family, you can create this circles as many as possible and you share with only a circles or two or share to public, you have the total control of who see what you shared than as it is on Facebook, additionally you can also control what you see from every circles in your content feed.
Many existing users

Even if Google take over the Social Media, some still wonder if the switch will be easy.  Because there is no way to be social if you don't go where people are, though it might be tough and be like slow process but am strongly believe that switching to Google plus will not be a very difficult task, because of the one account many services of Google, and besides  there are many existing users already which is even challenging Facebook users, one don’t even need to create new account as your existing Google account will give you automatic access to use Google plus and other Google services, this will make uses of Google plus a sweet dinner to carry till day break

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Amazing New Feature

To show you that Google plus is capable of the social media king task, take a look at how they manage gradually to cover all that precious Facebook features, and they name it in a completely sexy names, such as stream, followers & circles, events, communities, +1’s, find people, and to crown it all they even added some extra new features that are not available on Facebook like using of #hashtags, audio and video hangouts, personalized search, Google Plus local. This is a great reasons to use Google plus.
One Account Many Services

I won't waste your time to start counting many services provided by Google, as you well know they are many, and its only one account you need to gain access to those services,  as I mentioned above that it will make the switch very easy, you can access many Google services with a single login, make switch between accounts this is very useful to many users who don’t know how to use different accounts on single a browser.

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Advertisement? NO…..NO

Before you will ignored all the above reasons, check this last one out, Google Plus doesn’t place any ads on their sidebar, unlike Facebook which has its site sidebar full of chaotic ads, “travel agents, real estate” are advert frustrating their time to snatch and arrest your attention from enjoying the great time online, also the newly introduced sponsored post which has already started forcing online marketers to sponsored their post, before the introduction of this silly features any post can shows up in friends news feed as much as it can, but now Facebook has minimized the exposure of non sponsored posts which is a very bad idea and give sponsored posts access to spam every timeline which cant be controlled! If Facebook want to maximize their revenue they can do so by mobile ads (my assumptions)!


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