What is System Restore? Why and How To Do It

System Restore is one of  Microsoft Windows components introduced Since Window Me to latest version of Window 8 Operating systems, It helps to restore your System files to a specific time without affecting your personal files, photos, emails and documents. It allow rolling back of systems Files, installed programs, registry keys to a previous state and specific time. System restore is fully customizable that you can create a system restore point manually.

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Why System Restore?

Window malfunction  and System failure or unexpected changes to the Computer can be caused by Installation of Drivers, Programs and Software on a Computer, Besides Users may do some changes to the Computer such as tweaking the window registry that may result in Computer malfunction Next of action is to uninstall such programs or drivers, but in a very serious situation where such program refuse to remove and failed to uninstall, or when only option to revert such changes is to format the drive and reinstall the Operating System you might think of Restoring your system back to an earlier date when everything worked perfectly instead of formatting your Computer.

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How to Do System Restore?

System Restore Points are automatically created by System Restore weekly or when System Restore detect the the beginning of a change to your Computer usually when you install driver or program.

To perform a System  Restore you can use search bar to search for "system Restore" or type "rstrui" to the search bar. or easily follow these steps.

 Click on  Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools program group.
Click on the System Restore program icon -> Next > Restore system files and settings window.
Choose the restore point that you want to use. Click Next >click Finish to Confirm your restore point window to begin the System Restore.
System Restore will now restore Windows 7 to the state that was recorded in the restore point
Immediately after the reboot, you should see a message that System Restore completed successfully.
Click Close.

That's it, System Restore has been successfully completed.

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Check to see if whatever Windows 7 problem you were troubleshooting has been corrected by this System Restore.

 Note: Windows 7 will shut down to complete the System Restore so be sure to save any work you might have open in other programs before continuing, and also time taken for a System Restore varies with your system Restore Point


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