4 Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Post on Facebook

To Promote a Post or anything on Social Media can be little disappointing when one don't know how it goes, If you can notice your Facebook news feed very well, you will notice that some post always comes first, Jumia? just check and you will see, Since then I have been finding a way my Post too will ranked up in News Feed and gain more viewers, so far so good I have shortlisted Four Ways I know about Promoting a post on Social Media, Let Analyze them.
Promote post on Facebook:kulhead.blogspot.com

Sponsor Your Post

Facebook has made Media  marketing More easily with  their new post sponsor featured, Users can now easily promote any important post for as low as $1 per post. Any Post Sponsored will be Promoted by Facebook and will rise to top in your friend's news fee and will be noticed and  viewed by as much Facebook users as possible. Any Post you pay to Promote will be marked as Sponsored.

Share Your Post

Post sharing is the free best way you can easily promote your Post through Facebook, This work well perfectly if you have a reputable Facebook Fan Page with High Subscribers/Likes, Not only of course, also Joining some  Related Facebook Forums  with high members and make sure to share your most important posts on these forums.

Facebook Sharing:www.kulhead.blogspot.com

Schedule Your Post

In other to gain more  viewer to Your Post, I recommend you to schedule you posts that even if you are not online you will still got the post posted, this saves me more time and increase my page views. I dont know about you but I always schedule my post,  I can share the same post withing 6 hours interval, you want to know how I do that because I use Dlvr and RSS Graffiti These Program don't only help me share my post automatically after I published it but I can also schedule when these program can share my post.

Use Facebook Tagging

This is least you can do to promote your post on Facebook or any other Social Media, by tagging other High Ranked Facebook Users, Fan Pages or Forum with many Subscriber/Followers/Users you stand a chance to promote Your post too in their news feed. Tagging, How? just type " @ and followed the targeted users, FanPage, Forum name".

Facebook Tagging: www.kulhead.blogspot.com

Although this Post  Focused Mainly on Facebook, but the explained tips can also be implemented on other Social Media with just a slightly change, However if you know of any way, you can promote your Post on Facebook that are not listed above, there is Love in sharing, Just use the below Comment Box to post your suggestion, Sure! share this post if you feel it is informative.


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