Blogger's SEO: 5 Ways To Get Your Blog Indexed

It may take some times before New Websites can be indexed, Some steps are needed to be taken before you can get your new website across the internet most especially search engines. The only reason I couldn't get my blog indexed in a day was just because I was doing the setting up, but the next day I got my blog indexed and I know you must be curious on how I did that, relax your mind as I will take you through all the steps I made that got my blog indexed...lets go.

how to get your blog indexed:

#1 Sitemap

The first and best method to get your blog indexed instantly by search engines is by submitting your sitemap to such search engines, in order not waste much of your time, this is how I submitted my sitemap to Google and Bing click here to easily add your url to google

#2 Join Forums

This is not only to join any  forum, but by joining some highly ranked forums related to what you blog about, and submitting your blog to such forums can get your day old blog indexed through such forums, in fact I got my first index page through Bloggers, there are many of such forums out there, I started with Bloggers, later I claim my blog on Technorati, for convenience I have shortlisted a list of highly ranked back-link forums you might consider joining.

#3 Social Network

The role played by Social Media in today's Online Marketing can not be negligible, by Promoting Your Blog Posts On The Best Social Media can also increase your level of indexed page, there are lots of social media you might want to join, but i will recommend these three for a starter blogger, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon.

#4 Meta tags

Believe it or not, Meta-tags can do a huge part in getting your blog indexed by search engine within short period of time if properly implemented, before you can say otherwise, check out  these under-listed  meta tags and make sure you implement them on your template and see the work for you self.

<meta content='3 days' name='revisit-after'/>
<meta content='INDEX, DOFOLLOW' name='ROBOTS'/>
<meta content='Your name here' name='author'/>

#5 Comment Lover

This is not a very quick method to get your blog indexed within short period of time, but if practiced very well can increase your chance and raising the level of your indexed pages, I will not say much on this section but I will give you an advice never spam your blog mate's site with your site links! many bloggers are doing this, which is not good enough and can cause the admin of such sites to permanently banned you from commenting on their posts, but if you do this with care and in mature way, is a good way to create back-link and increase the level of your indexed page. for a better result on this I strongly recommend you to comment on site that have comment luv enabled in their comment box like the one in this site, with comment luv it is easy to post your link right after your comment without your inserting it, and if there is not comment love enabled make sure the site is highly rated and indexed.

This is as far as I can go, but very well there are many SEO Tips out there and I will like to hear your feed back on the one that really work for you, Kindly use the below comment box, "there is love in sharing"!
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