5 Reasons to Deactivate your Facebook Account

When Social Media is not in anyway of benefit to users, or in some ways creating problems then there is good need to quit using it, Did you ever thought for a sec that you need to deactivated one of your social media profiles? did you give it a thought to deactivate your Facebook account? Facebook that we all praise all day as the social media giant in return has destroyed the potential of many lives, Some people are helpless and have already surrendered to the Facebook addiction that has taken over them, the following reasons may help you take a sharp action and chuck your Facebook account once and for all.

 reason to deactivate your facebook account: kulhead.blogspot.com

#1 Fake Profiles

Facebook being the first social media of today is a big catch for fraud and impostor, it is very easy to sign up a Facebook account with someone else name and photo! without anybody holding you off, who would be okay with if anyone take benefit by using your name which you've gained through your hard work, or would that be okay with you if you stumble upon another Facebook account bearing your name even if your name is not that popular, take a good look at some of Obama accounts, Eminem accounts, 2pac profiles (even he's dead)! Fake accounts there are many of you, if you have not still encounter such sham act, I pray you never will, and when it occurs you will take my advice and deactivate your Facebook account instantly.

#2 You are Addicted

There is no alternative to addiction except to stop and quit, it may not be that easy though! Facebook just like any other addiction can affect your productivity online, said +Don Caprio "Facebook is #1 enemy to my online success" you asked him why he will tell you he's addicted! he has temporarily deactivated his Facebook account 2 times that am aware of, and he is still using it now! that's addiction am talking about.

#3 Insecurity

Most Facebook applications now have access to your Personal Information! Note that If security is not achieved online, nothing else  is! as this social media giant is keep updating its security every-day there is still insecurity, take for example:  any picture you uploaded to Facebook can be seen by your friends if not public unless you don't want anyone to see it, any users can easily copy such pictures and use it for any good or bad purpose, what am getting at is that Facebook should find a way to attach a kind of Facebook logo to all pictures uploaded to Facebook, so any picture downloaded from Facebook will have such stamp or logo (anyone can know it was copied from Facebook), there many social media doing this, and it is not new, I hope Facebook will consider adding it to their next security upgrade but until then is a good reason to deactivate your account.

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#4 No Gain, But You May Lose

When you are not in anyway gaining from using Facebook, then you are in some way loosing from using it, wait....wait....! let me explain, 1. those time you specialized for Facebook can be a great time for you to read if you are student, or achieve many things if you are not, 2. some likes and shares you done per day has increased many life and that makes you a loser, 3. promote post, i believed you've seen such below your status updates, for Facebook to make real more money has introduced a way for you to promote your special post at 1$ per post, such sponsored posts or fan pages are now ready to spam your Facebook timeline everyday and any time you Login your account, Facebook make money and you..............?

#5 Full of Applications With Virus
I have never believed it myself until I discovered it, since Facebook has introduce applications, it has become even more worst, because these application did evil than good deeds, except for their access to your personal information which was stated in #3 above, these applications can now spread crazy virus to your computers via Facebook, you open it and you get infected! these crazy virus bots are also spread via Facebook messages, nude video messages  that could shun you down in any seconds, that's crazy and can makes one shut his Facebook account on the very second!

If you believe you need to deactivate your Facebook account, No one will hold you off, There are too ways for you  to deactivate your Facebook account One Permanently and other Temporarily by clicking through your Facebook account settings, and scroll under security, there you can deactivate your account.

And if you disagree with any of those reasons , I would love to hear that from guys, and you could also share your bad experiences that have made you think over your Facebook presence and yeah if you liked the post, take a second and share it with your friends.


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