5 Ways To Make Money With Your Blog

It  has been known that there are plenty of ways one can make good earning and living by doing business online! if you dont, then  there is high probability that if you build your blog professionally and make it popular around your niche you can make enough earning from it and you wont feel like doing any other online business than to blog! one of the reason i still stick to believe that blogging is a best successful way to earn good money online is that, you can do many business and practice different kind of methods to monetize your blog,  am not saying it until you practiced all the method below before you increase your earning doing one of it effectively will definitely work for you and you still got a chance to practice more than one methods on a single blog.
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As a blogger if you dont know how to earn a good living with your blog, i dont see any reason why you still continue doing it, the joy of any blogger is to earn enough money from its blog, that's the reason you were surprised when you  heard other bloggers claimed they earn a very good living with their blog, you will say enough of this no/slow earning if you can continue to read what am sharing with you  and implement it very well as i will be introducing you to some ways you too can start earning a good living with your blog, some of which some bloggers dont know and to some its just like a start-point, know that it doesn't matter which method you chose or how many methods you practiced  to increase you earning all that matter most is the amount of loyal followers and ranking of your site.

Ads Companies

I think you are aware of this kind of earning method as its common to most bloggers and has generated huge some money to many bloggers, unlike direct advertisement these ads are displayed by third party ads company on your blog and your earning is generated on pay per click methods, all you have to do is to continue driving more traffic to your blog by consistently posting new and quality content on your blog and have submitted, as your earning is also directly proportional to amount of your visitors, such third party ads company are listed below

google adsense

Referrals/Afflliate Networks

If you a blogger who work hard to get many loyal followers, you can then use your followers to earn your good living by referring them to some company who will pay you per referrals or per sales you generated for them, you can come across these such individually or through affliate networks such are listed below:


Product Review

Bloggers also do get paid by reviewing another comapany's /site products, this done when a company or an individual produce new product and want a blogger to review the product for them, you also get paid as per product reviewed depending on the price of the product you reviewed. you can choose to review products related to your niche, that is if you are a Tech Blogger you can do review on Mobile Phones, computers, Applications, etc

Onezone network

 Direct Advertisement

This is a kind of blog monetization method where you get full  income by selling adverts directly on your blog at your own fixed rate. if your site is ranked very high in Google and Alexa this method is preferably to other advertisement method because you earn your money not as per click but as per time the ads show on your website, that is your earning is directly proportional to the time spent by the ads on your page and type of space it covered. you can display the ads according to the size and amount they ads company are wishes, after their time has elapsed you can decide to retain the ads or remove it and place another one thee

Guest Writer

There are some company or blog ownership who hire niche-related-bloggers to write for their blog and those hired blogger are get paid per post, you can find such company individually and with your website ranking if you come across such company or website all you have to do is  send them mail that you are interested in writing for them to get paid, if they are interested you will get approval mail and you will be required to send your post and your bank details. ( make sure you post to site related to what you are blogging on) and make sure your post is quality and those sites dont approve bombs content).

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