10 Firefox Addons For Bloggers

Whether you are new or not to blogging, ranking high in Alexa and Google contributes greatly to your websites, it help you get more traffic thereby increase the earning and popularity of your website.and it is the first thing advertisers look for. it is not easy for a starter blogger to rank high suddenly in Google or Alexa ranking without put up some fights and works greatly on its site SEO and Back-links, building strong back-links and using suitable keywords makes your post comes most in search engine and it please Google to see your link in many webpages.
for a starter blogger, link building is one of the most troublesome and difficult task to do, there are lots of link building tips and tricks out there, which i discovered not an easy tips, it is joy of a website owner or webmasters to build strong back-links and high rank in google page rank and Alexa rank as ranking high is the ladder to successful and income generator websites, i have done my research and discovered how you can easily Optimize Search Engine, Build Strong Back-links, and Increase your Earning with these Firefox add-on, If you've been blogging for a long time and you think you are not making good progress, low earning, low ranking (to mention few) i suggest you try using the following add-on with your firefox and see how things will work out......for the love of Firefox.

SEO Status PageRank/Alexa Toolbar 1.5.9 

Simple and customizable where you get to see Alexa Rank and Google Pagerank (PR) for any website you visit, Simple Quick and useful it also has some  built in functioalities to check  backlinks of certain web page, see the owner of the domain, evaluate the domain. use and see everything the toolbar offers or strip it down to teh bare essentials an put in the status bar. if you are a blog owner and works steadily on enhancing your seo, with this addon you can decides on wether to leave a backlink or not by quick viewing the site's alexa and google ranks, it update simple in simple blink of an eye

SEO Doctor 106.1

SEO Doctor allows quick and easy diganosis and solving problmes for webmasters, made with both beginners and experienced SEOs in mind its recommendations ar ebased on SEO documents, namely Google Webmaster Guidelines, Google SEO starter guide and image guidelines. SEO Doctor allows easy SEO diagnosis and problem solving for webmasters. Is a very practical SEO Tools. Some Main Features includes: easy access to most popular SEO tools, detects and warns you about pages not indexable by search engines by using most comprehensive methods available in any tools, point out to potentials problems and assign a score for your pages based on currently accpeted SEO methodology, Fully Customizable, Most SEO are easily viewed in the down side of your browser, you at once see all general problems of a page and fixed them.


Seoquake is a Firefox SEO extension aimed primarily at helping web masters who deal with search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO) and internet promotion. Seoquake allows to investigate many important SEO parameters. Beginner web masters and SEOs will find SeoQuake useful for estimating effectiveness and competitive ability of their SEO efforts. In the hands of professional SeoQuake will become a powerful and indispensable tool for analyzing optimization and promotion level of internet web-projects.SeoQuake consists of two functional parts. The first one is SeoBar. The second part is the computation of the parameters for search results and its inclusion into search engine result pages – SERPs – for the most popular search engines.

Niche Watch Tool 2.0
you can now beat your competitor websites in SEO, Keywords and ranking with this wonderful SEO extension which provides you the practical information required, it also gives you backlinks number, indexed pages, page rank keyword occurencess on the page for both your domain and webpage informations
you will find this killer firefox extension very useful if you are a webmasters and SEO professionals, also useful for analyzing niche keyword competition for top ranking in google and other search engines.
Hover Nofollow 0.0.1b & Nofollow

Hover Nofollow looks for links on the page that use and do not use the link attribute/tag Rel="Nofollow", it works by overriding and adding values of the cascade style sheet of the viewed web page. When hovering over a link it will turn green or red.Unlike other dofollow and nofollow extensions found within the Mozilla Firefox Extension Library, Hover Nofollow works only when you hover over a link, therefor keeping your pages looking clean and free to surf without annoying blocks, and fixed color on dofollow and nofollow links.

These  extensions work on text links, img links, span links and div links with styling background It is extremely lite and runs in the background, you will not find any additions to your ever growing status bar and action bars. It works by adding a style sheet to the header of each page and overriding the current values of the Cascade Style Sheet by enforcing a “a:hover {value!important}.Discovering a do follow link couldn’t be any easier, simply reveal a green background for a link without rel=”nofollow” and should you encounter an actual nofollow link then the background will turn red.

they are an extensions good for SEO it lets you know a dofollow from nofollow links, Just a simple extension to highlight links in a page according to nofollow / dofollow status.it is an awesome tool for any web user and especially bloggers like me to easily know a dofollow from a nofollow link.it is easily to use just right click on any page and select Nofollow.
SEO Blogger 1.0.8

 Since using this SEO Blogger, it was very easy for me to find most suitable keywords for my post without leaving my post editing screen,  wether you blog about business, Technology, Personal, Sports or any type of blogging you might be doing SEO Blogger allows you to find the most souhgt-afer keywords for your post without ever leaving your blog editing scree, it stands along-side whatever blog publishing software you're using, feel free to do easy keyword research and optimize your posts as you write, simply hit "publish when you are done.

Link Checker 0.2d

 have you ever enjoyed telling your browser to highlits your links on other websites? this is what Link Checker helps you do with your firefox, all you need to to do is tell your website name to this add-on and it will highlit your links on all other websites, useful when you want to check wether your backlink builders are still broadcasting your link, or you want to check your link on other website, know how many backlinks you have, NoFollow links are highlited in Red and DoFollow links are highlited in Green. it is especially useful for SEO guys, you are? ok!

SEO Info 1.1 

 Provides some information on the site you visit: indexed pages, backlinks, link report, pages reported on social network, pagerank, alexa rank, whois, and much more.
It combines all the SEO tools and Info tools AIO pack. Using it right now. Thanks to the author.

Zemanta — Blogger's Personal Assistant 1.0
 this is one of the most useful addon for bloggers, it helps you enhance your blog posts with relevant images, articles, links or tags with easy access (one-click), it also improve your regular blogging dashboard, recommend images, links, and article while you write also allows you to enrich your own content and link to other media with a single click, supports wordpress. Blogger, Typepad, Tumblr.
simple and easy to use for effectively writing articles or blogs as, has been tested on blogger and worpress and its great way to add related contes back to your posts and to other blog posts, the in-text links help you with traffic, get free images to use for your post, makes blogging lot faster and easier, it is regarded as personal blogging secretary.

With Zemanta 
● insert beautiful images into your blog post
● insert links to related articles (from 300.000 news feeds and blogs)
● link back to your own blog posts
● add affiliate links

SEO - The Link Submitter 2.1 

Submitting your link to various directories had greater value to your SEO, SEO and link Building through the power of one way link directory submission. it is a semi automated link directory submission tool that will save you time and energy when undertaking Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Link Building Activities even if you are a little busier this add-on offer submission to capcha free directories, means you can submit to close more than 1000 directories at the click of a single button, to use this system you will first download the extension then Register Free on their Website and enter the particular SEO Details that you wish to submit to their database of directories for your link building task, then sit back and watch the link submitter load and submit your site to a range of SEO directories from all over the globe quickly with little efforts.

If its in your great interest and your top priortiyt to rank high in google and most search engine you will find all these Firefox add-on/extensions very useful, however i have wrote post on some killer Google Chrome Extensions too, and not that am discriminating browser, i use both firefox and google chrome, and both have been great browsers for me


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