Convert and Transfer Files from your iOSDevice with Cometdocs App

Convert and Transfer Files from your iOSDevice with Cometdocs App

When it comes to choosing a cloud storage service, there are certainly many good ones to choose from on the market. However, there are not many that offer more document management features besides storage space. Cometdocs is one that does just that. You get a reasonable 2GB of free storage space when you sign up to Cometdocs for free, but the other features that come with the service are what really make it stand out. 

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The feature that Cometdocs is known best for is its file conversion capabilities. Users can convert files to and from a variety of very popular file types, including PDF, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, AutoCAD formats and many more. On top of conversions, Cometdocs is also great for transferring your files to others – especially large files that won’t fit inside an email attachment. 

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The service has recently released an iOS app to go with its browser-based interface. This lets iPhone and iPad users store, convert and share files directly from their mobile devices. It’s a very lightweight app that is also very easy to use. Let’s take a look at how it works.
Download the free app from the iTunes store. Once you bring it up, enter your credentials to log in. If you are already a Cometdocs user, simply type in the email address you used to register and your password. If you are not registered yet, head over to and get a free account. 

, head over to and get a free account.


You can send files to your Cometdocs account on your mobile device very easily. Whether you want to send a file from your email client or from a cloud storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox, it can be done quite simply. Just locate your file and then send it to the Cometdocs app.


As mentioned previously, Cometdocs is great for sending large files that exceed the limit imposed by most email clients when it comes to attachments. Tap on the transfer link below your file and then enter the email address or addresses to which you want the file sent. You can also include a message. The recipient will receive an email with a link for downloading that file directly. It’s easy and secure.


To convert a file, simply tap on it from your file menu and then tap on the conversion option that you need.

The conversion process is very resource efficient, since the app itself is not performing the conversion. The app simply sends the file to Cometdocs’ server for conversion. Once it is converted, your screen will refresh and display the converted file next to your original one.

So even when you are converting files, the app is not slowing down your mobile device or draining your battery drastically.
To find out more about the app and try it out for free, visit the following link:


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