Why You Should Say Big Thank You to Tecno Mobile

This is guest post by David Johnson For Kulhead.com
Why must you thank Tecno Mobile anyway? Do you even think about it? Yes well I do and every time I think about it I always ended up with more reasons to Thank Tecno, Gone are those days when Nokia will sell a Torch light phone for 10,000! Thanks to Tecno that brought Bluetooth, Memory Card, TV and Radio to our Mobile experience at a very low price, now they’re giving us an Android phones at a less cheap price, who wouldn’t be grateful to them?

If you are a Tecno users either Tecno Android phones or not and you are looking for reasons to thank Tecno Mobile for manufactured your phone let me quickly give you some important reasons why you should be grateful to Tecno because they understand you. Tecno Mobile thinks globally but behaves locally and this has made them an Award-Winning Company, The following support my reasons you must thank Tecno Mobile for giving you the best you want in Mobile.

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Unlike other Chinese mobile products; Tecno phones are far different in terms of Quality, you can accuse Tecno of being a Chinese, Chinko Phones, I will disagree if you accuse them of poor quality, their phones works perfectly well just as any phones would work, have you seen the Phantom A (F7), you should compare the specs and quality with Samsung Galaxies!


To understand the demand of users in terms of selling, Price must be put into consideration especially in a country that’s mostly made up of poor people, price is great benefit, you can bark all what you want that Junior want to buy a Cheap Tecno Phones, well you can’t change his mind until you give him $300 to buy Samsung Galaxy or iPhone.

Promise little, delivered more

Before Apple or Samsung will release a new phones, there would be 2 months of rumors, leaked and talks, Blackberry has been promising BBM for all for a while now, yet we don’t see BBM – I wonder if BBM is still coming to Android and iOS but Tecno they will promise few and delivered more, a Phantom A (F7) comes with power bank which you can charge and use as a torch, it can also be used to store power to charge your phones or other devices when you runs out – did they ever say this? Tecno D5 turn-up to have a plastic protective case and again they wouldn’t even tell you, all their Android Touch Screen phones  turned out to have an extra screen protective, A friend’s Tecno N3 knocked the floor and the screen got broken but am surprised that the screen touch was working perfectly ok – that was when I know about the hidden screen protective and again they don’t scream this.

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Customers care and choice

Who doesn’t love a Smartphone? Yes Tecno manufactured Smartphones. They know we want and love Android they give it to us, last time I hold an iPhone 3 there is still Bluetooth missing and I don’t think Blackberry ever have FM radio in their ancient devices!


Unlike other China products who manufactured phones and put others company’s name on top, Tecno mobile never does that, a huge different not to call Tecno a Chinko Phone, Tecno phones are always Tecno because they are Tecno.

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And Yes, They are selling like a gangbuster

Quality is their priority, they know the value of price, delivered more than they promised, they care for customers, they’re original, why do you think they’ll not sell, confirm this by checking all phone stores in Nigeria ask about  the rate of Buying Tecno Phones. (You will surely be surprised).

Am I the only one thinking about this? Surely not, most of us share the same mindset about Tecno Products in the past; today we’re glad to be proud users of Tecno Phones. Do you have any other reason why or not to thank Tecno Mobile, Do share them with me in the comment box, Share this with your friends that are using Tecno, let them know the importance of their phones and those that criticize Tecno phones to know wasssup!


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