Top 7 Reasons I Hate Blackberry Phones

Many people think I just hate blackberry phones for no good reasons, well it’s not, I’ve once preferred a blackberry phone than an iPhone and the reasons stated were the BBM and BIS, (isn’t all what make it unique)? But now BIS in no longer a reason and BBM is coming to Android and iOS I know you love your BB because it does what you wanted but the truth is that it can't  do more and that’s the point for singing it loud that blackberry sucks and I don’t think I will buy one – at least when all the following reasons are taken care of.

Many people think I just hate blackberry phones for no good reasons, well it’s not, I’ve once preferred a blackberry phone than an iPhone and the reasons stated are the BBM and BIS, (isn’t all what make it unique)?

Top 7 Reasons I Hate Blackberry Phones  | and Why You Shouldn't Buy One

Not Many Applications in AppWorld

The sweetness of using a Smartphone is to have as much app as you can mess up with; the case is not the same with Blackberry! I bet all the applications in their AppStore are are still behind the GooglePlay and Apple Store

No Room for Customization

You can’t even customize the whole silly things! No room for you to decide how to use your Smartphone, you’re being imprisoned by your own phone. Can they control everything? I’ve use a hacked Symbian Phone, I got an Android phone which has been rooted and I can bet my last dollar that when I got an iPhone it won’t last more than a month before I will jail break it. If hacking or tweaking a Smartphone operating system is not a big deal to you - then probably that smart doll was manufactured for your kind, what am I customizing anyway? That’s a question a no Techie guy would ask – and that’s the point!

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BIS outage - The Worst Nightmarish

This is the worst blackberry users experience, without BIS your browser will only open a “connection error” page, you can’t check your inbox, you can’t download, you can’t chat even with their dimwitted BBM – there is no way to surf the internet, or unless you’re connected to a WiFi network and that’s kinda sucks. So if you can’t browse the internet on your bb phone with your mobile internet data plan I guess when you have no money to subscribe BIS you will probably be listening to music or just playing around with the QWERTY – (the only thing they got right)! You can’t even find good games to enjoy!

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BBM will soon be for all, then we doesn’t give a damn!

They keep shouting BBM and its uniqueness, well we fell for it ( or I fell for it), one of the reasons many people still considering buying a Blackberry phones is because of the BBM but now the song has changed BBM will soon be for all,  so who give a damn to buy Blackberry phone? And if we met a disappointment there are Better Smartphone Messengers better than BBM!

Synchronizations? No you can’t do it on BB so don’t even think about it!

The worst part of it all is the synchronization, the power to synchronize contacts, Calendar, ToDo and Memo with your mail account is the best features any mail client will have and this is great if your phone Operating System supports it. Blackberry say “don’t look forward to it, you can’t do it on your BB phone” and this is one of the reasons I Love Android, I got everything covered with my mail account. I can use and access playstore, mail, YouTube, contacts, todo, calendar, maps, music, chats, radio, apps and many more things with just ONE GOOGLE ACCOUNT!

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Boot Time

It’s annoying – I mean the boot time, you can’t instantly do a reboot because you might afraid your Blackberry may take more than enough time to boot up, at least 2-3 minutes for a Smartphone to boot up! That’s a whole lot of time even an old symbian belle doesn’t take such time and just before I forget the Blackberry battery is nothing but a total disgrace!

Games Application is a dead story

How many games have you installed on your Blackberry phone? I bet not as many as I have on my Android phone If you’re a hardcore gamer don’t even think of having a blackberry phone, you will just be disappointed, you can’t enjoy doing what you love most, you can’t play HD games with pleasure on your Blackberry, with my android I can play GTA, play PES and play any games playable.

Let’s say I’m just been economical with the lists, there are still much more to mention but just let me leave it at that – at least for now, I don’t intend to start a World War III with BB Fans.  Wait! I don’t give a fuck about what you said, I hated   Blackberry  phones with passion this is just about my experiences with Blackberry Smartphone and its OS, If you’re not happy with it tell me where am making a wrong accusation in the comment box and if you share the same mindset with me on this, share this with your friend to let them know how much you hated blackberry, scream out loud that Blackberry Sucks and doesn’t worth buying.


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