There has been many widespread noises and reports about Android applications flaws and all these tittle-tattle are spit out mostly by iFans, saying there is no security apps in iOS store because iOS apps are clean from viruses, can I ask is security applications only useful for viruses? What about theft? if you’re holding a device running on Android there are many apps in play store that can protect your android devices from getting infected and also protect you from losing your phone or files, these are the most recommended out of all.

there are many apps in play store that can protect your android devices from getting infected and also protect you from losing your phone or files, these are the most recommended out of all.

Lookout Security & Antivirus (4.5 Stars)

lookout does not only protect you from virus, it also protect your phone from thieves as well, by alerting you anytime someone is trying to unlock your device and you can detect last known location of your mobile even when the battery is dead! Asides, lookout detects and removes any viruses, Malwares and spywares that can do serious damage to your devices, perform easy background scan any where on your phone, in attachments, phone files and applications without consuming much battery, there is also protection from dialing malicious numbers from your browsers. It is truly a life saver when it comes to locate lost phone by using Google map.

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SeekDroid: Find My Phone  (4.5 Stars)

This is another security app that doesn’t drain much battery power and help you to easily find your lost or stolen phone on the map. Among its best features are enabling of  GPS remotely, wipe entire phones,  and can control multiple devices with one accounts, it support text messaging and notification, retrieved recent calls, and even works without SIM card. It is easy setup just install the application on your device and create your username and password as soon as the app launches, you can enable GPS for more accurate results.

Webroot Security & Antivirus (4.4 Stars)

Webroot is another security application every fandroid must have, it help in automatic scanning of urls, files, phones and SMS to block Trojans, viruses, phishing, spam SMS respectfully, scan any application before they will ever installed on your phone and block any unwanted calls. You can also get full time alert when your mobile is under attack which you can remotely lock your phone if lost or stole, it work great on computer and Mobile Phones. It is a definite necessity in today's day and age.

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BullGuard Mobile Backup (3.9 Stars)

When you lost your mobile phone; the most painful thing is the files and contacts on the device but if all that can be recovered! Is just like nothing was lost, this is what Bullguards Mobile Backup gives you, it keep your important files safe in the cloud with up to 10GB storage space which  you can access it from any where and on any device. Migration features allow you to transfer data between mobile devices, did you just got a new phone even if it runs on different Operating System if you have bullguard you don’t need to shrink from switching an Android phone  to another phone that runs on iOS or Symbian.

Seal (3.6 Stars)

You know the power of pattern lock right? This app can give you even more pattern lock power by protecting your applications with pattern lock, if you want to stop people from reading your mails you can then easily protect Gmail app on your mobile  phone, it can also protect apps like Facebook, Twitter except widgets, you don’t need to worry if someone is going to shopping in the Android Market, easy to use with auto protection feature and easily enable or disable protection for several apps.

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There are many security apps in Google play that will give you enough protection and security, anyway I can't mention all of them in a single post, if you’ve ever used any of the above mentioned applications, I will love to hear your opinions about it and if you’ve not, I will urge you to try out one today and give me feed back on the performance, more mobiles and security posts will coming out soon, if you don't want to miss it just grab my updates here and all you will receive it right in your inbox.


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