How to Use Facebook #Hashtags Perfectly

Without reproducing words the Facebook Hashtags is rolled out this was announced by Facebook on June 12, the feature which has since 2007 being available on Twitter and why will it not be available on Facebook? Since its available on Facebook owned Instagram! Okay wait, you don’t know what really is Hashtags? Hashtags are linked words and using Facebook Hashtags are simply one way to show what your post or status updates is all about, it simply increase your chance to be found by others...e.g include these in your updates #New Hashtags, #Facebook.

Hashtags are linked words and using Facebook Hashtags are simply: one way to show what your post or status updates is all about

How does Facebook Hashtags works?

Thanks for asking I was hoping you will ask this! Any words are clickable when they are hashtagged. To hashtag any words just start it with # key and all the letters entered after the # will be click-able (the link will break if you introduce space, comma, dot or related signs). Any hashtagged words can now be clicked and searched, once clicked you will see a feed  page that displays what other people, pages, forums and public posts are saying about that event or topic. For instance if someone click on #whatever if you've already hashtagged #whatever on your public posts or Fan Pages, chances are you will come up from the feed. That sounds good huh? I guessed “To date, there has not been a simple way to see the larger view of what's happening or what people are talking about”

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 What You can do with Facebook Hashtags

With Facebook Hashtags you can effectively do the followings
  1. Search for a specific hashtag from your search bar. For example, #WorldNew
  2. Click on hashtags that originate on other services, such as Instagram, Twitter
  3. Compose posts and add  photos adn video directly from the hashtag feed and search results, making it easier to jump into conversation.
How Do I Use Facebook Hashtags Perfectly?

This is very serious issues that we should really talk about, you don’t have to got excited since Facebook Hashtags is easy to use and hasthtaged anything you possibly think of, and remember that using it wrongly to promote your business also have a bad effect on you, to not fall of victim of this effects, I have analyzed simple ways you can use facebook hashatag effectively and perfectly, use them wisely and thou shall be found.

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Don’t Miss Tagged

This is what I mean by Mis-tagged, compare this status update "I shot My Girlfriend Picture against her shadow, Oh God she is do damn #sexy" and you uploaded your GF pic with this status update and the Hashtag, now if someone looking for something sexy and search for #sexy" and your girlfriend pictures comes out in the feed, do you have any idea what kind of problem you're in?  This hashtag help you to connect with friends about what’s taking place all over the world and should be use wisely.

Dont overload your posts with Hashtags

This is common to bloggers and marketers, Facebook Hashtgas must not be used as a means of crowd-sourcing, more than three hashtags in a post make your post practically impossible to read, while its smart to use harsh tags to gain more exposure probably link back, likes, comments make sure you don’t scatter your post with hashtags or overdo it in other for your post not look spammy and by this you most likely get ignored.

Don’t use Wrong Hashtags

You can’t just use Hashtags just because it is available, you're to use to help people who are interested in your post and updates to found it easily, you still don’t get it, do you?  Don’t hashtags any sentence that you know your post is not all about. As you know that any hashtags that originated from other services like Twitter, (Twitter Hashtags On Facebook) Instagram, Pinterest, are also click able must be mindful of the tags you’ll use on those services if you’ve connected your Facebook with them.

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Target Limited Tags

Targeting very broad keywords can’t get you anywhere, I will advice you to cut off your tags to a unique and rich keywords, getting to know what most people are talking about and tag such words can get your posts more exposure, like, follows, share and possibly link back. Hashtags is most likely to be used and dominated by brands than users the reason for this is that most Facebook profiles are private and brands are public and for this; is a good worthy tip to think that facebook will likely to use hashtags for money but for now they are not getting any money from the hashtags and that I believe will change in time if its used mostly by brand than users.

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Those are the tips I know you can use to make the most out of facebook Hashtags to gain popularity and exposure, implement them and hashtags like a pro, more tips will be put out very soon and I know you don’t wanna miss that, just grab my feed here and it will be delivered right to your inbox, don’t forget to click on share to help your friend to know how they can use this new Facebook hashtags perfectly, of course your comments are welcomed.


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